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Posted by A.C. Ping
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This one is all about focus as well. Gratitude completes the loop that links with joy. Give gratitude – receive joy…


I am grateful for all that I have right now. I am grateful for all of the lessons I have learnt, good and bad, that have made me who I am today.

Journal of Joy

As part of the Self Mastery process I strongly recommend keeping a journal.

However my advice to you is to be very careful about what you write in your journal as the simple act of going through the process of formulating the thoughts and putting them into words causes you to focus your attention on them and helps to manifest them into the world.

Many people going through heart rendering situations write their worries and concerns in their journals hoping this will somehow relieve them of the burden. But then they keep going back and reading back through the drama thereby reliving them.

Do you do that??

If so – try this instead.

In your journal – only write things that have brought you joy. Write down how they made you FEEL and why you are grateful for them. Don’t just write – “I am grateful for my partner, my wonderful kids, my new job and my dark blue Ferrari California convertible with tan leather interior” (oh sorry just visualising…)

Anyway – try instead writing things like “Wow! I am so grateful for my beautiful daughter and the amazing experience of being with her. Today she got into the pool and swam a few strokes for the first time. Then she turned and looked at me with a huge smile on her face as if to say ‘See Dad I can swim!’.

I felt so proud of her in that moment that I could have cried. My life is truly a precious gift.”

See what I mean?

You need to be able to go back and read the entry and relive the experience. Relive the joy and re-presence yourself in gratitude.

Try to get into the habit of writing down two or three things every day that give you joy. This will serve to refocus your attention on the good things that happen to you every day.

Now – those other negative things that you’ve been writing. DON’T WRITE THEM IN YOUR JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you have already done so get a new journal.

With those negative things you need to do a proper release with them so – take some loose paper and write all your worries, concerns, frustrations, aggravations etc on the paper – anything you wish to let go of.

Take the piece of paper and tie it with some string to a stick to symbolise a spear – to pierce the veil of negative energy and allow it to escape into the ether.

Light a fire – get focused, say a prayer for letting go – something like “I choose now to let go of all of these things and I ask that the energy of them be transmuted into something positive”

Then take the stick and throw it into the fire. As you watch it burn envisage the energy around those negative things being vaporised by the fire and sent up into the ether to be transformed.

Now you may not be able to light a fire – especially if you are living in an apartment in Manhattan…. So, just use the same principle of fire to do the job. That is, write down all your stuff on paper. Bundle it up. Light a candle as your fire then set the piece of paper on fire and allow it to burn down in a pot or other suitable container.

Gratitude Walks And Claps

Any activity that stirs the energy and focuses your attention is good, and also be aware that the acts of speaking, writing or any other activity gives more weight to it.

So, try going for a walk and as you walk along think of all the things you are grateful for – and especially the people you are grateful for. Each time you think of something or someone say out loud “I am so grateful for … and clap three times”

As you clap imagine the energy of gratitude being radiated out by the clap like the way sound waves radiate out.

Consider the Butterfly Effect. This is a phrase that tries to capture the technical notion of ‘sensitive dependence on initial conditions’ in chaos theory.


In simple terms this is the idea that a small variation of the initial condition of a dynamic system may produce large variations on the long term behaviour of the system.

So a butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon may create small changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately lead to a tornado in America.

Hmmm…. So clap, clap, clap – send out the resonance of gratitude.

Gratitude Visits

This one’s elegantly simple.

Write a testimonial to someone you are grateful to and then go pay them a visit and read it to them.


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