Principle Six: Have Faith

Posted by A.C. Ping
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At the mere mention of the word many people immediately assume that the presence of Faith requires you to be religious in some way. But that's not what I'm taking about here - with regard to Self Mastery, Faith is an essential element. It is the ability to believe in something for which there is no rational evidence. From a neuroscience perspective, our left brain always wants to have a reason 'why' whereas our right brain is content to 'go with the flow'.

The ability to have Faith in ourselves, others and, most importantly - a deeper meaning to life, is essential to allow us to be released from the need to 'work things out' at every step. Faith provides the bridge between the future and the present and lets us step into the 'flow' of life.

Can you release your worries and have Faith that everything is perfect right now?

Begin this month by reading the Theory, doing the exercises in the Toolbox and then committing half an hour a day to the Core Practice.

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Core Practice

We have been led to believe that time flows forever forwards. That the past creates the present which in turn creates the future. This way of thinking sticks us well and truly in the mire of thinking, rationalising and worrying about how we can create the future we want. But is this true?

What if I suggested to you that time flows the other way around? That actually the future becomes the present which in turn becomes the past? That if you sit here right now perfectly still, doing nothing, the future will still continue to smack you right in the face. Could you release yourself from the mire of worrying and have some Faith then? Try this exercise:- Consider where you are right now in your life and then think back to all of the significant events, planned and unplanned, that have led you to be where you are right now. Identify the pathway that has led you to this point. Could it be possible that the future has actually created the Past? That the act of holding that Future possibility (which has now become reality) in your mind at some level (conscious or unconscious) has actually led you along a path to that reality?

Once you have done this exercise begin every day this month by doing some meditation and then consider the proposition that the future and the visions and dreams that we have for the future actually create our reality. Now say to yourself or write out "Even though I do not understand how the world works I choose to believe that everything is perfect right now"

Finally, release any worries or concerns you have to the Universe and set your intention that no matter what happens today, no matter how bad or good you may think it is, you will have Faith that it is happening for a very good reason - that you do not need to know what this reason is - and that everything is perfect right now.


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