Principle Seven - Theory

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Life can be lived as a prayer in action.”
—Caroline Myss

You might have realised by now that Self Mastery is not about thinking your way through life but nor is it a passive way of living. There is a Sacred Path that we can follow through life and to be aware of it is the trick. When we start to look, we can barely see it but as we relax and allow ourselves to be guided along the path it becomes clearer and easier to follow.

Gratitude is like the lubricant for the wheel of life. To receive joy from life or the universe we need to give back our gratitude. As we give our gratitude we get more joy and so on.

From a neuroscience and neuro-plasticity perceptive – what we focus on expands. If we focus on what we appreciate in life then we reinforce the neural pathways around this type of thinking.

Looking at it from a past/present/future perspective gratitude supports the flow from future to present to past.

Likewise Quantum Physics would tell us that as we resonate with the vibration of gratitude that is what we are putting into the quantum field so again we create fertile ground for the creation of more events that make us feel grateful.

This is where it’s all about perspective.

It’s also important not to get hung up about the form of things but rather to focus on the essence.

Consider this story.

There was a great storm brewing and the people in the small village were warned to put all of the lose things inside, batten down all the windows and get ready for heavy rain and winds.

As the storm hit it brought with it much more rain than was anticipated and slowly but surely the river began to rise and before long broke its banks and started flooding the village.

The emergency people went from house to house in a big truck telling people to evacuate their houses and move to higher ground.

One man, Jonar, who was very religious decided to stay in his house and replied to the pleas of the emergency people, “Don’t worry my God will save me”.

More time passed and still the storm did not abate. The rains continued and the river kept rising. Soon the streets were so flooded the truck could not drive around so now the emergency people used a small boat to go from house to house.

“Come now!” they called to Jonar “The water is still rising, you will drown.”

“No” said Jonar “My God will save me.”

Several hours later the waters were so high they were flowing through the houses and washing everyone’s belongings away. By this stage Jonar was perched on his roof watching the raging flood waters below.

This time an emergency helicopter flew in. Using a loud hailer they begged Jonar to climb up the rope and into the helicopter.

“No” replied Jonar defiant “My God will save me.”

During the night the waters continued to rise and by the next morning many houses had been swept away in the flood killing the people who had stayed.

In heaven Jonar stood before God, “Why didn’t you save me?” he asked.

God smiled at him and laughed, “Who do you think sent the truck, the boat and the helicopter?”

We think too much remember?

We try so hard with our serial processor left brains to work out some meaning in life.

But we will never truly work it all out – and if we did – how boring would life be then?

To be Masters of our Self. To be contributors to the creation of a new world – we need to let go of the form and focus on the essence of what we desire instead.

If we can do that. If we can trust that what we are getting right now is perfect then we can allow the universe to work its magic and deliver to us what we desire in a way that we cannot possibly imagine.

Gratitude lubricates the flow of the wheel of life.

Gratitude shows our faith and allows for the flourishing of joy.

Gratitude shifts our focus and therefore our attention and our intention thereby allowing creation to weave its magic.


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