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"To know and not to act is yet to know"
Yukio Mishima, The Sea of Tranquility

Personal Social Responsibility Readiness Survey

  1. Can you put your hand on your heart and say that none of the clothes you are wearing were made in a sweatshop?
  2. Do you consider your values and use social and environmental criteria when buying products and services from corporations?
  3. Is your superannunation in a 'screened' investment fund? and, are your other investments in socially and environmentally responsible corporations?
  4. Can you put your hand on your heart and say that the corporation you work for does business in an ethical and socially responsble manner?
  5. Do you buy organic and non-genetically modified produce?

Corporate Social Responsibility Readiness Survey


  1. Do you have an equal opportunity and diversity policy? Eg the proportion of women in senior executive positions, traineeships for underprivileged youth, employment of local people in area of operation.
  2. Do you have a system for profit sharing with employees? Eg bonus system, employee share scheme.


  1. Do you have a Corporate Values Statement and/or Code of Ethics ? If yes, is the code incorporated into performance reviews?
  2. Do you train staff and management in Values implementation and/or Ethical dilemma resolution?
  3. Do you survey customers on your corporate conduct?
  4. Do you have human/labour rights guidelines for your suppliers? eg no products produced in sweatshops
  5. Have any of your customers introduced social or environmental responsibilities that you have to fulfil as part of the contractual arrangement? (e.g. ISO14000 or no GMO)


  1. Do you have internal systems in place that track efficiency regarding the use of environmental resources in the production process? eg energy/water use per product unit, waste produced in offices If yes, are you working to actively increase resource efficiency?
  2. Do you have environmental guidelines for your suppliers?
  3. Do you measure the environmental impact associated with the use of your goods and services? If yes, are you actively working to reduce this impact?

Community Involvement

  1. Do you believe your company should be involved in the community?
  2. Have you conducted a survey or forum with the local community in which you operate to gauge the impact of your operations on their lives?
  3. Do you make philanthropic contributions to community groups of either money, goods or services?
  4. Do you allow staff time to volunteer for community organisations? Eg schools, organisations that assist the elderly, homeless or disabled
  5. Are you engaged in commercial initiatives to assist the local community? Eg sponsorship, cause related marketing 

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