The 8 Principles of Self Mastery

Posted by A.C. Ping
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So, how do you achieve Self Mastery? How do you get there? What are the building blocks? It would be great if there was a simple solution a quick fix but the reality is that you have to work on it. Just like if you wish to race a decathlon you need to be proficient in all of the disciplines.

Self Mastery is the same. It’s not enough just to train your brain. It’s not enough just to have a clear vision for life. You need to work on and combine eight principles:

  1. Self Belief
  2. Open your Heart
  3. Be Present
  4. Follow your Passions
  5. Act Courageously
  6. Have Faith
  7. Be Grateful
  8. Embrace Love

In the next section of the program I will go through each of the principles and explain why they are so important and how they fit in with the theory that we have already covered.

In terms of your own self development you can use the eight principles to gauge where you are at now by doing a simple self assessment. For each of the principles take a moment and rate yourself out of ten. Which ever principle you rate yourself low in is where you most need to put in some effort. Like a decathlon, one low score will drag the rest of your game down.

This section of the program will then introduce you to a range of affirmations, exercises, mediations and visualisations that you can use to attain mastery in each of the eight principles which in turn will allow you to attain Self Mastery.

Before you go any further – take some time now to self assess and rate yourself out of 10 for each of the 8 principles.

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