Principle Five: Act Courageously

Posted by A.C. Ping
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We live in a cause-and-effect material world - there can be no denying this. Change therefore means taking ACTION !

How many time shave you had an urge to act - however irrationally and you failed to do so only to find later that you regretted not having the courage because the passing of time has showed that to act would have been better then not to act.

Acting courageously is tied in very closely to having a healthy Self Belief and being open enough in your heart to be able to hear those intuitive hunches that signal to you that something other than what you can see is actually going on.

So, the key question is "Can you set aside your fears and your need for knowing and act anyway?"

Begin again by reading the Theory. Once you have done that your commitment this month is to do the Exercises in the Toolbox and then to spend thirty minutes every day on the core practice.

Link: Theory

Link: Toolbox

Core Practice

The core practice for this month is very similar to the Open your Heart exercise except the emphasis is on Courageous Action and the consequences of such.

So - every morning take the time to check in with how you feel about the events of the day about to occur. Do you have any intuitive hunches about what action may be required - if so ensure that you take this action.

Prior to any key segments of the day - take a moment to check in with your intuition again - are there any intuitive hunches you have about action tat may be required. If so - do it! Don;t question it just do it!  This may include - simply saying something to someone or may be much more involved.

The key is to actually ACT!

At the end of every day - review the results of the actions you have taken that were intuitive and gut based. What were the results?

Write these down in your Journal and see if you can identify the different feelings you had prior to the actions that were 'successful' versus those that weren't so successful.

The aim is to refine your intuition and the only way to do that is by training your mind to be more sensitive to the guidance you are getting. By acting on your intuition you provide yourself with a feedback loop from which to learn.


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