Principle Three - Theory

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Since there is no escape from the now, why not welcome it, become friendly with it?”
—Eckhart Tolle

So there you are now with self belief and an open heart. Can you step into the universal point of power now? Can you be present?

Life is now, not the past or the future but right now.

As Eckhart Tolle points out – you can try but you can’t escape from the now so why not consciously embrace it?

The problem is this momentum of old thoughts and patterns. The essential physicality of our existence means that we default into doing this and being the way we have always been.

It’s easy to look at that model of being and see that it makes perfect sense to just be in the present. That it makes perfect sense to let go of the old judgements and thinking that trap you in an old way of being. Oh but to break that pattern is so much harder to do.

Where we are now as a civilisation with our current thinking around money money money has taken about 200 years to evolve. The pattern of thinking that is the collective fixed view of the world has lots and lots of momentum behind it. If you live in a city you are bombarded on a daily basis by messages that support this view of the world. Advertising, news stories, even discussions in the street support a way of living that says – money and materialism = success, be very afraid if you haven’t got any.

It is very difficult to go against this collective view.

In just the same way it is very difficult to go against the collective view of who you are. The momentum of events that has brought you to this point has a life of its own.

Consider this for a moment – we think that time occurs in a linear way, always stretching out before us. But what if you imagine for a second that time stretches backwards?

If you look back on your life now and see all of the significant events that have led you to this point right now could you consider the possibility that this point right now created all of those events? That it was not them that led you here but rather here that necessitated the particular sequence of the past?

Is it possible that could be true? If your brain is making decisions about things before you even start thinking about them, how far into the future could your brain be working? Could it be possible that based on your deep held beliefs and expectations about yourself and the world, your brain has constructed a ‘most likely’ future for you and is indeed just picking the path that most suits that future every time it comes to a ‘fork in the road’?

“The mind does not know the difference between what it sees and what it imagines or remembers.”
—Dr. Joe Dispenza

If that is the case we need to break free of the temporal cycle. We need to break free of the notion that who we are now is a result of events that have happened in the past. We need to break free of the linear singular direction of time and consider the possibility that time could run in both directions. We need to consider the possibility of ‘being’ not only from the past but of ‘being’ from the future – ‘being’ from ‘becoming’.

Interesting eh?

Consider what Carlos Castaneda says about it from a Shamanism perspective.

“All of us, whether or not we are warriors, have a cubic centimetre of chance that pops out in front of our eyes from time to time. The difference between the average man and the warrior is that the warrior is aware of this, and one of his tasks is to be alert, deliberately waiting, so that when his cubic centimetre pops out he has the necessary speed, the prowess, to pick it up.”
—Carlos Castaneda in ‘Journey to Ixtlan’

See, the world’s not set. We have choices along the way. Our brain may be making decisions BEFORE we start thinking about them BUT we do have the power of veto.


And being aware is about BEING PRESENT. Having the self belief to trust your deepest intuition and guidance. Being open hearted enough to FEEL the flow of energy and emotion. Being present and sensitive enough to pick up on the opportunities that arise. The opportunities to ACT not from the past but from the future. To bring into line our ‘being’ and our ‘becoming’.

Being present requires us to stop fretting about the past and worrying about what the future may bring and relax and be here now.

Being in the present is about disengaging from the stories and momentum of the past and embracing this moment instead.

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