Principle Four - Theory

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”
—Denis Diderot

If you can’t live life with passion then what’s the point? I mean really – do you want to go through life just going through the motions maybe waiting for some perfect day when joy will tap you on the shoulder? Or maybe even waiting for that moment of judgement in the afterlife when God looks you in the eye and says “Gee you’ve lived a fine austere life – well done!”

Sorry – not for me – without passion life is just the domain of Mr Plod – BORING!!!

As we’ve already discussed, the true joy of life comes through experiencing FEELINGS. Living is about being open in your heart and finding and following your passions is a key to achieving this.

Passion is essential for getting in flow. If life is a balance between the head and the heart then passion draws you out of your head and into your heart. If you live life just in your head you are constantly THINKING and the thing about thinking is that by necessity it takes you out of the present.

Just think about that for a second – ha ha see what I mean? Immediately your brain wants to go backward – “Does thinking take me out of the present?” you wonder as the amazing super computer inside your head whirrs into action and you start riffling through the old memory files – oops – note the word ‘old’ as in ‘past’ as in ‘not present’…

Thinking in the present moment is a very short thought – hmmm let’s see “I’m sitting here reading this book thinking about the present moment”. Now quick ! Stop there before your brain takes you on a ride back to the past or into the future…

I think we think too much.

Try feeling about the present moment instead. If you can be very aware of how you are feeling you will begin to notice there is a flow in the moment and there is no worry about what is about to happen or what has already happened – there just is.

The more strongly you can open your heart and connect with your feelings the more present you can be to the here and now. Passion – that indescribable stirring deep in the heart that arises when you do something you love to do – is a sure fire way of connecting with your heart.

By following our passions we open our heart and in doing so get into flow which then allows the present moment to expand. Yes, the linear construct of time which our left brain is so familiar with begins to break down and time stands still allowing the present to become bigger.

Think about it. Remember the moments in your life when you have been doing the tings you love, the things you are passionate about. Time becomes irrelevant. Passion – the arising of strong emotion draws you away from everyday concerns.

By following our passions and connecting with our open hearts we keep the flow open.

If we feel strong emotions but then override our feelings with our thinking then we slowly but surely close the door to our hearts and deny ourselves the opportunity to pursue the things we love.

The other thing here is if we look at the notion of creation in the form of the equation:-

Intention + Belief = Creation

Note that belief is a feeling – not a thinking. You can believe whatever you want to believe in and to a large extent your world will be shaped by this belief and the logical extension of what you perceive that to mean.

The more passionate you are about something, the stronger will be the belief and hence the more able you are to create it.

So – a quick question or two – do you think you deserve to live and be materially supported in the world by only, or at least mostly, doing the things that you are passionate about and love to do??

If not, why not?

Why is it then that some people are able to go through life doing exactly what they love and receiving material support for that?

If they can do it then why not you?

What story have you been told about life, who you are and what you deserve that stops you from believing n the possibility that you could live life with passion and STILL be materially supported?

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