Principle Eight - Theory

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“The important thing is not to think much but to love much”
—St Theresa of Avila

Love is divine power. Love is the glue that holds everything together. It is the shield that wards off the arrows of hate and anger. It is the sea that quells the fires of fear.

It is the last of the Self Mastery principles and the most essential. To be able to love yourself, others and life is key to being able to step out of the ‘also ran’ reactive state of being and step up to self mastery.

What is love though? So much is written about love. So much of our lives are spent in the pursuit of love. But who of us could really define what it is?

The Oxford dictionary defines it as “warm affection, attachment, liking or fondness”. Does that do it for you?

No – me neither!

“Darling I’m very fond of you” just doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Love to me is a feeling that wells up from deep within you, rising from the solar plexus and up into the heart. It is a warm, gentle, euphoric sensation that brings a smile to the lips and a glow to ones being.

We can tell when people feel love. And I don’t just mean sexual love here – think about the love that your parents have for you – reflect back on the moments in your life when you just knew – you felt – that they really did love you. Think about the love that you have for yourself – the moments when you have done something or been a certain way that, when you reflected back on it, made you feel a sense of deep love for yourself.

Or what about when you have experienced love for a place or a moment of time in nature. Sitting on the beach watching the moon rise over the ocean as the sun sets behind you. Children running and playing around you under an orange sky full of shimmering clouds. Waves gently lapping at the shore as the heat rises from the sand and the cold of the evening begins to descend.


  • Love. To be so in the moment that time stands still.
  • Love. To be so in the feeling that thinking is impossible.
  • Love. To be so aglow with light that no darkness is possible.


Remember the three things – story, focus and resonance in the quantum field.

Your story – if you can’t love yourself – how can anyone else love you? If you can’t tell a loving story about yourself then it is hard to energise and imprint any new pathways in the brain.

The story about humanity you tell – is it about love? Or about the failures of humanity?

Focus – what you focus on expands – the subject influences the object. The storyteller tells the story that changes the storyteller.

Can you love life? Can you manage your focus so masterfully that you focus on the things that you love in life?

Resonance – are you putting into the field or just reacting to what you are getting? Opening your heart allows you to follow your passions and to feel love.


  • Love for others is the divine power that you can put into the world.


We are the bridge between heaven and earth. Our role in this world is to anchor light and love on the earth. We are the link between the spirit world and the material world. By focusing on love we have the power to bring it into the material world. We don’t need any money to buy it. We don’t need any resources to make it. We don’t need any time to create it. We just need to tap into it and then let it flow through us onto this earthly plane.

Can you do that? For that is the final challenge in self mastery – to stay in love – to manifest and create love.

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”
—Willa Cather

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