Principle Two - Theory

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.”
—Helen Keller

Once you have a healthy level of self belief the next thing is to get out of your head. The true joys of life are experienced through the heart not through the head. Feelings give substance to life.

If you think back on the great moments of your life it’s not the events themselves that make them significant it’s how you felt about them. A low level of self belief often leads to a fear of life and of being hurt by the events of life. But this is not to live.

New developments in neuroscience have led to the field of neurocardiology.

In layman’s terms what the neuroscientists have discovered is that there is a network of neurons around the heart – yes – a heart brain. But this ‘brain’ doesn’t think so much about things rather it feels about things.

More importantly it feels about things more quickly than the brain in our heads thinks about things.

So yes – scream from the rooftops ! You were right all along – you really have been getting some guidance from your heart and YES – if you have been overruling your heart brain with the logical, rational, oh so boringly evidence based thinking of your head brain – then maybe you have been on the wrong track.

You see the other thing about this is that in terms of resonance – the ability to project out into the quantum field – the heart brain is MUCH MUCH more powerful than the head brain.

So… If you have been dismissing your heart brain and trying to do something that you think has been the right thing for you to do BUT you have found that it has been a real struggle and you have found yourself constantly self sabotaging – wake up and smell the roses!!

Self Mastery – creating what you want – is so much about being in alignment.

If your head and you heart are not aligned then you are in for a tough time.

Opening your heart is therefore essential. Engage your heart brain. Be who you are and not afraid of who you are. Trust that at essence you are a good being. That at your core you are love.

Protecting your heart, trying to stop yourself from getting heart because of fear will simply slowly but surely shut you down. The field of neuro-cardiology has very interesting implications for people who have heart attacks – how much of the heart ache is caused by the unwillingness to feel?

Rather than thinking our way through life maybe we should be FEELING our way through life?

In terms of creating what we want in life deep feelings anchor memories in the brain. If we wish to change the patterns that we have and the stories that we tell about ourselves and what we deserve from life then we must tell it with FEELING.

  • The stronger the emotion then the stronger the anchor in the brain.
  • The stronger the emotion the stronger the memory.
  • The stronger the emotion the stronger the evidence.
  • The stronger the emotion the stronger the resonance in the quantum field.
  • The stronger the emotion the richer is life.

If you can open your heart then you enable yourself to feel flow. The research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Shows that being able to get into flow is essential to happiness. I think though it is more than that. It is about finding and sensing the sacred path through life.

If you imagine that life is like swimming along a stream then it is much easier to swim with the current. Belief in yourself so you can trust your intuition and inner guidance combined with an open heart will support you on this path.

The next challenge is to let go of what happens next!

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