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Posted by A.C. Ping
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Faith is really all about release and surrender. From a neuroscience perspective the left hemisphere of your brain desperately seeks meaning in every situation – and in fact it will make up a reason or meaning behind things if one is not readily available. The right hemisphere of your brain is happy just to go with the flow.

So, Step 1 – create a logical, rational meaning behind life to satisfy good old left brain, and Step 2 – allow right brain to take the reins and be in the flow.

Simple eh? Maybe a bit cynical?

Maybe. But consider it this way – spiritual teachings generally tell us that the world is a mystery and we should never stop trying to understand it but we should never expect to be able to. Religious teachings generally say – we cannot comprehend the workings of the mind of God in action, we can only understand in retrospect.

Neuroscience and quantum physics says – be present and be careful what you focus on – so – don’t worry about the future because it only makes you a worrier.

Ontological philosophy says – plant the seeds for the future and then let it go and be truly present.



I choose to release by concerns and worries about the future and I trust that what I am getting right now is perfect.

Breathing Exercise

Whatever it is in the future that you are worried about you can consciously surrender and release it to a higher power.

Sit quietly with your eyes closed and relax – try doing some four fold breathing.

Then focus on the issue you are concerned about.

As you breathe in say “I am concerned about…”

Visualise breathing the issue into your heart and lungs.

Then breathe out and say “I realise and surrender this issue to a higher power”

And visualise exhaling the issue out of your heart and lungs and into the ether.

Do this as many times as it takes to find some peace with the issue.

Exercise – Time Goes Backwards Doesn’t It?

This is an exercise to satisfy an existential construct for the benefit of your logical left brain.

Think about where you are in life now. Take a quiet moment and look backwards through time to see all of the events that have led you to where you are now.

Write them all down and join the dots through time.

Now write them all down in reverse order – that is from now going backwards through time.

Now trace a line backwards and consider the possibility that where you are now created all of the things that have already happened.

If that is the case – can you focus on your vision and completely let go of the path that will get you there? Just trust instead that if you hold it clearly enough in your mind and it is aligned with the highest good then you will be led there by spirit?

Journaling – Synchronistic Events

This is another exercise to satisfy your left brain.

It is again about focus and redirection.

Every time something happens to you that is in some way synchronous – write it down in your journal. By focussing on these events you will increase your awareness of them and in turn increase the frequency of them.

That means – any time you are just thinking about a friend and they phone – write it down. Any time anything happens by chance that is in alignment with what you want – write it down.


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