Principle One - Theory

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”
—Marianne Williamson

I guess this is an obvious place to start isn’t it? Because let’s face it – if you don’t believe in you why should I? You can whine and moan about your lot in life and search madly about from book to book, course to course, guru to guru desperately seeking THE answer. The one that will make you feel better about yourself. The one that will finally solve your deep need to belong.

But the bottom line is – you need to find this within yourself. Any belief that you obtain from outside of yourself will be short lived. A short period of exaltation will be followed by a fall because the energy exchange will always be a parasitic one. Yes – you’re the parasite! That makes the other person the host – the one with the power. And YES – that makes you the dependent POWERLESS one… Ho hum – and destined to feel bad about yourself because after the glow has gone you will soon realise the reality of the situation. You will soon realise that you are weak without the other person – and you will come to loathe this weakness within you and in turn loathe the other person.

So – take responsibility! No one is better than anyone else. We are all in this together, all unique beings with unique gifts to offer the world.

Remember – you are the story AND you are the storyteller. We all come into this world with the pure fire of spirit burning in our hearts. For reasons that we don’t need to know we go through various experiences that influence the story that we tell about ourselves and what we deserve from life – our deepest beliefs and expectations.

Now as you begin on the journey of Self Mastery the first task is to uncover these stories and, if they are negative ones, change them around so that they are positive ones.

No matter what happens outside of us. No matter how bad, traumatic or vile it is – it will not influence us as much as what happens within us. We can be our own worst enemy or we can be our own best friend. Which do you want to be?

In this time of great change, we must learn to trust our intuition and inner guidance. If we do not believe in ourselves then we will constantly doubt this inner guidance and second guess ourselves all the time. We will be open to influence from others and become mere pawns in a game.

The story you tell about yourself becomes who you perceive yourself to be. If you perceive yourself to be a certain person then deep within your brain as it seeks to filter out the myriad of inputs it receives, it will sort the information so that it supports this story. Remember how the brain makes decisions BEFORE you begin thinking about making a decision?

Well, if you perceive yourself to be a certain person then what do you think the default decisions your brain makes will be? If you guessed, decisions that match the perpetuation of this story you’d be right.

Remember too that the neural pathways in the brain also take some time to change so you need to present a consistent message over time. If you have been telling yourself a negative story for years then don’t expect your brain to suddenly take off down a different path overnight. Just try brushing your teeth with your other hand if you don’t understand what I mean…

Now go back to the ontological philosophy stuff. The self belief, or lack of self belief story lives in the past/present loop. That means that over a long period of time you have been gathering lots and lots of EVIDENCE to support this story. You may even have friends and family that will support this view of yourself and may even assist in the perpetuation of the story by recounting to you events that have happened in the past. Gee thanks…

Anyway, the point is that for a long time you’ve been gleefully and mindlessly spinning around and around in the past/present loop. Now suddenly you wish to tell a different story and change direction.

Be patient, be consistent, be mindful.

Understand the theory. Understand the story and work on it remembering that:

Intention + Belief = Creation

So you can have crystal clear intention – for example you’ve just gone away and done a week long retreat where you’ve put together an amazing new vision for your life. If you don’t believe it then you won’t create it. If your new vision doesn’t match your deep held story of who you are and what you deserve from life then you won’t create it.

Imagine that the past/present loop is a flywheel and so is the future/present one. The past/present flywheel has been spinning for a long time – it has lots of momentum. The future/present one is only just barely turning – it has very little momentum.

Your job is to get the future/present wheel turning as fast as the past/present one.

The goal is to reshape your brain at the belief level.

Quantum physics says there is an observer effect in the brain. What you focus on strengthens.

Your intention is equivalent to whatever you pay most ATTENTION to.

By paying ATTENTION to the story that you want, you strengthen the neural networks around that story and its underlying beliefs. 

By resonating with that story you radiate out into the quantum field and according to quantum physics – like attracts like. So you attract to you circumstances that will match your story.

Hence you create EVIDENCE for the new story thus creating MOMENTUM which in turn strengthens your BELIEF allowing the CREATION of what you INTEND.

Neat eh?

So, number one – Believe in Yourself. Nothing much else will work if you don’t have healthy, self generated belief. You will always be looking for evidence BEFORE you act if you haven’t got self belief. Whenever anything goes wrong a little voice inside your head will scream ‘SEE! Told you so!’

And remember – IT’S UP TO YOU !!!! No one else can give it to you.

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