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Posted by A.C. Ping
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Well here we are at the million dollar moment. It all comes to nought if you can’t act on it doesn’t it?

Like it or not we live in a cause and effect world. Visualise all you like, intend all you like, meditate all you like, pray to whichever God takes your fancy – you may experience some degree of divine intervention and serendipitous circumstance BUT action is what really gets things moving.

Action is in the present where spirit and matter connect – where power lies.

So we need to find ways to get our selves out of old habit patterns, fears and doubts and into action.


I choose to consciously create my vision. I choose to act now.

Exercise – Visualisation

Ha! Thought I just wrote that visualisation wasn’t everything?

Well it isn’t but research shows that by visualising what you are about to do it activates the prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain that performs executive functions and moves you into action. If you don’t prepare then the prefrontal cortex does not activate in advance. Thus the better the prior activation the better the person does at the task.

So, practice, practice, practice. This is why elite sports people sit around these days visualising what they are about to do.

If there is something that you want to do but are afraid to do it then take some time and quietly go and visualise the action. Keep visualising it until you can easily see a positive outcome and then keep practicing again and again until the positive outcome comes with little effort from you.

Create some momentum around the new pattern in your brain.

Visulisation - Bullet Proof +VE Attitude

Once you have practiced a positive outcome over and over again the next thing to do it to seal your energy around it.

Remember that because we are all linked together in the quantum field, we are all affected by each other. So you may have practiced practiced practiced whatever the action and desired outcome is but if you are not impervious to the effects of others attitudes it is easy to be influenced by those around us that wish for an alternative outcome.

At any one time we are either being influenced by the field or we are influencing the field. That is, we are either putting in proactively or reacting to what we are getting.

Power is to be pro-active.

If you want to ACT courageously you need to seize your power and be proactive.

So, imagine that you have a cocoon of energy around you, extending above your head, below your feet and about an arms length in front and behind you. This is YOUR energy field which is linked into the quantum field – so effectively this is YOUR part of the quantum field.

Consciously choose to take control over this part of the field. Make the edges of this sphere a tangible barrier. Fill the content of the sphere with white light.

Consciously say to yourself that you will not let any negativity into this field.

Consciously say to yourself that you will project your positive energy and intentions into the field.


You have a bullet proof positive attitude that nothing and no-one can shake.

Now go act!

Set The Context

A note here about context.

At any one time our context can either be from the past and what we know to be true. Or it can be from the future and what we desire to be.

Fear lives in the past but tries to creep over into the future and corrupt our vision and belief.

Fear for the most part is fear of the consequences based on something that may have happened in the past to affect our beliefs about what is possible.

By shifting our context around fear we can shift our perspective on the world and hence influence our behaviour.

Fear is False Energy Acting Real.

In other words it is an illusion that part of you is making up. Recognise it for what it is and you can begin to dismantle its power.

Faith – which comes next – allows you to confront and dismiss fear.

Little By Little

In Japan they call it the Kaizen way – the improvement by a thousand tiny steps.

Bit by bit by bit. Little by little by little.

Slowly, slowly gain more and more momentum and at every step, every little action congratulate yourself.

So – take your task and break it down into little bite sized pieces then start acting on them one at a time.

As often as possible keep asking yourself:-

What am I doing right?

Practice strength training and reinforce the positive story and the positive patterns in your brain.


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