Practice Truth Fear Nothing

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Change nothing – just tell the truth and things will change by themselves”
Thomas J. Leonard

I saw ‘Practice Truth Fear Nothing’ on a t shirt recently and it really resonated with me because I’d been thinking about the relationship between truth and control. I often like to drop things like this into the ontological template below and see where they fit.


You see truth has to live in the Present ONLY – in the Past truth is open to interpretation – we all know people who are very good at re-writing the past…

In the Future too – truth is really speculation.

So, why wouldn’t we always tell the truth?


Fear’s got to live in the future hasn’t it? Fear of the consequences of some action. “If I tell the truth then maybe X will happen and I am afraid of that so maybe I won’t tell the truth”.

So, not telling the truth because of fear of the consequences is our attempt to try and CONTROL the outcome. And our attempts at CONTROL arise from trying to ‘work things out’ which limits us to logical, rational thinking based on – yep you guessed it – THE PAST…

Ho hum… This is getting tricky!

Which means that if we don’t tell the truth because we are afraid of what the consequences might be and we try to ‘work it out’ instead based on what our experience of the world has been thus far (and how the world works) then we will be limiting ourselves to a fixed range of outcomes and denying TRUE possibility and hence simply re-creating and perpetuating the past PHEW…

Take a deep breath!

So FEAR and our inability to tell the truth about how we REALLY feel traps us in old ways of being and simply perpetuates the PAST hmmm….

Ever think “Why do I keep attracting the same partners, friends, life situations? This is just like ground hog day”

Have you been telling the truth? Or afraid that if you do you will lose your partner, friend, job etc etc ???

Would it be fair to say then that telling our heart felt truth with love and compassion is the fastest route to our own life path and opening our lives up to unimagined possibility?

Try it and see.

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