Practicing Outrageous Abundance

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“When the mind runs too much of the show…
the spirit suffocates.”
Tony Robbins


The mind works in amazing ways but the key underlying operating system that it uses defines it as ‘a self organising patterning system’. In simple terms that means the mind is always looking for patterns in things and it organises those patterns itself – that is, without your executive assistance…

Meaning – the patterns that you get used to recognising become your habits and your habits then define your being - as Aristotle said

“Excellence is not an act, but a habit”

From a neuroscience perspective - neurons that fire together wire together - so if you repeatedly do the same things then you reinforce the neural networks around those behaviours. This includes patterns of thought and the behaviours associated with them.

Habits can be good, bad and a whole range in between. The kicker is – what are you actually creating in your life and are your habits serving you? If you’re happy with what you’ve got – great keep going! If not, maybe you need to practice some new habits?

This exercise is a variation on the one described in ‘Creating a Circle of Honour’. It’s an exercise in practicing outrageous abundance. Just like you might go to the gym to practice new exercises that strengthen various ‘real life’ activities – for instance you might go to the gym and do chin ups which translates into a real life activity of ‘pulling yourself up’ – you can use your imagination to practice what it is like to allow outrageous abundance into your life.

Also note the Tony Robbins quote above – thinking too much about how to do these things doesn’t necessarily make the result better. Note also Candace Pert’s work ‘Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind’ – training your body is a good way of training your subconscious mind. And finally note that the ‘self organising’ in your brain is not occurring as a result of your executive instruction but rather as a result of subconscious processes.

So back to the exercise.

Go down to the beach, off into the scrub – or at a pinch find a decent bit of floor space. Set your intention to draw/create a circle of abundance – make it as big or small as you feel.

When you are ready – step into the circle and sit in the middle. Focus on your breathing and calm your mind slowly bringing yourself completely into the moment and into the circle.

Now recognise that this is a circle of abundance. Feel the flow of abundance into the circle. Imagine that everything you want/desire is flowing easily and consistently into the circle.

How does it FEEL?

Do you have any RESISTANCE to it? This may be in the form of “Yes but…” if that is the case use the three Rs of creating what you want – Recognise, Release and Redirect. It’s all about focus remember? This is an imagination game – so play with it until you are comfortable.

Be GRATEFUL for the abundance you are receiving.

Set your INTENTION to be aligned with the flow of outrageous abundance when you step out of the circle.

Re-presence yourself and ACT as much as possible in alignment with the energy of outrageous abundance.

Practicing outrageous abundance is the same as going to the gym. Go once and you might just be a bit sore the next day. Go every week for a month and you may feel a little better but it’s not a habit yet. Go three times a week for three months and you’ll see notable results

Above all – don’t take it TOO seriously and enjoy the imagination game.

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