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London Uk - Deborah Campbell

Deborah Campbell
Deborah Campbell is an Accredited Self Mastery Trainer based in London. Like each of us she has been on her own journey of discovery. Along the way she has encountered many experiences in her quest to discover her purpose in life. Her drive to fulfil her dreams and ambitions sent her searching for spiritual and mental guidance.
Deborah has 17 yeas experience and a wealth of knowledge of the fashion industry in the UK, having successfully run her own garment supply business and then set up her own sourcing and training consultancy business servicing major British retailers, she is also a writer.
“The key to my growth was the simple discovery that I was in control of my own destiny and needed to address this and take full ownership of every situation.”
“Once a person realises they can affect their own destiny and write their own script to life, a great weight can be lifted and suddenly you find yourself free and fearless.Then true action can begin."
As well as taking people through The Self Mastery Program, Deborah organises workshops in the UK for organisational and personal development programmes, including self mastery, vision quests, and re-invention retreats.

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