Walk a Sacred Path #1

Posted by A.C. Ping
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There is a Sacred Path you can walk through life. It is intimately connected to your life purpose and your essence as a spiritual being. It is based on the foundation of honour and requires a blend of Being and Doing.

A Sacred Path is one that is held in the most high as a path of devotion and surrender.

To honour something is to hold it in the highest regard or respect - and ACT accordingly.

Walking a Sacred Path requires honour in four directions. Honour of your Self; Honour of Others - including those who have come before, those who are yet to come and all the animals, plants and other sentient beings who share this planet with us; Honour of the Earth - including all elements of the material World - the Moon, Sun and Cosmos included; and finally Honour of Spirit - the unseen that flows through all of our lives in every moment.

The Four Directions of Honour


To ACT with honour in these four directions an intermingling occurs which manifests in the Centre as a Sphere - the vessel that holds the emptiness of the present.

The Sphere that holds the present varies in size according to how tightly you hold on. Getting yourself out of the way creates a larger sphere were serendipity and Spirit have a larger space to operate.

In the present there is no fear, there is no worry, there is no anxiety - there is only the fleeting glimpse of the moment that is the present and then it is gone.

If you release the Past and the Future and choose to be fully present - to BE fully present - a path will open up before you that may not be logical, may not be rational, may not be what you 'think' you desire or what you 'think' you should be doing - but will nonetheless reveal itself as the Sacred Path.

Surrender to this path. Allow yourself to go on the Journey. ACT with honour in the four directions, BE fully present and this path will allow you to ascend to higher states of being and flow along your life path.

Walking a Sacred Path will allow you to shift from the lower states of Fear, Anger, Desire and Pride to Courage, Love, Joy, Peace and Enlightenment.

And why should we bother to walk this path?

In a word - FREEDOM

Freedom from fear, anxiety, craving and worry to a state of BEING dominated by reverence, serenity, peace, love and bliss. Not just for you but for all of us - as we are linked inextricably by the weaving quantum field that embraces us.

"My humanity is bound up in yours,
for we can only be human together."
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

For now, it is enough to ask:-

What are you doing here?
What do you believe in?
What are you going to do about it?

In peace and love always.

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