There Is No I, There Is No Me, There Is No My

Posted by A.C. Ping
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"Look into the World and you will see yourself staring back at you."


I guess you might have figured by now that the last few posts have had a common theme running through them?

Years ago when I learnt to do metta meditation (loving kindness meditation), the mantra that stuck in my head was 'There is no I, there is no me, there is no my'.

To do metta the aim is to release all attachment to separation and simply to project love out into the World. When I teach people how to do metta I get them to connect with their bodies, focus on their chakras one by one, then see themselves in a cocoon of unconditional loving blue light. You can try it yourself, and if you prefer a quantum physics perspective then acknowledge that a quantum field links us all together so somewhere in there you can dictate what your 'space' is.

My 'space' is an egg shaped cocoon of energy that encompasses my body and extends about an arm's length in every direction.

Once you have connected with your 'space' fill it up with blue light - unconditionally loving energy. Feel and visualise the blue light purging all other dark energies and blocks out of your space.

When you have your space under control then you can move outwards. Always good to do this as I really believe we should sort our own shit out first before we start projecting our issues onto everyone else. A torch or car headlight that has a bit of poo on it projects a shadow onto what it is pointed at...

Anyway, radiate the blue light out and fill up the room you are in. Sweep down and into the corners especially pushing the dark energy out like an energetic broom. When you can feel and visualise the whole room full of radiant blue loving light then move out to the rest of the house. Go room to room just like you would if you were cleaning. Push all the dark crap out an open window or door. Then move outside to your garden and the borders of your property. When you have done that sit for a bit holding loving space for all of the plants and giving thanks for all that you have.

Ginkgo Tree

And so now you are ready to let go of your attachment to you. Imagine floating up now and then when you are above your house radiate your blue light energy out in every direction - repeating in your mind 'There is no I, there is no me, there is no my. May all beings experience true love and compassion'.

See your radiant blue light enveloping the globe. Flowing down and across mountains, into the most impoverished areas of the World, into the hearts of those experiencing conflict, into the lives of those who are at War. 'There is no I, there is no me, there is no my. There is only us. May all beings experience true love and compassion.'

Become aware now that as you are doing this there are a whole lot of other people out there all around the World doing metta meditation at EXACTLY the same time as you!

Link your loving energy to theirs. See the unconditional love criss crossing the globe raising the loving vibration of the planet.

Everything is you and you are everything so CHOOSE. HOW do you want it to be?

I want love to be all powerful! I choose to hold that space and align with that vibration.

Sit in that space for as long as you can then choose to leave your loving blue light energy enveloping the planet and slowly bring your own personal energy back towards you. Back over the oceans, over the mountains and back to your own space. Settle back into your energetic sphere and see it filled with pure white light.

Choose now to remember that you are not separate, you are not alone.

Give yourself permission to be exactly who you are. To love yourself for exactly who you are. Choose to love others for exactly who they are. Set your intention to focus on everything that is right with the World.

In peace and love always.

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