So What's Next?

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Life is either a daring adventure,
Or nothing.”
Helen Keller

I’ve been down in Melbourne for the last few days doing some work with clients there and it gave me the opportunity to catch up with an old friend and have some deeply philosophical discussions.

We got onto the topic of manifestation and how much control you really do have over what you can create in your life. Of interest is a book I am reading called “The Healing Wisdom of Africa – finding life purpose through nature, ritual and community” by Malidoma Patrice Some.

Malidoma is from the West African country of Burkina Faso and he belongs to the group of people called the Dagara. In his book Malidoma explains that the Dagara believe that each soul chooses the purpose of their life before they incarnate in this physical world. To find or connect to one’s life purpose therefore, the first and most logical step is to go and see a Shaman and communicate with the spirit guides and ask what path one should follow.

This point of view took us to the discussion of whether or not we actually have any choice or if our lives are preset by destiny. Interestingly we agreed that there is a pathway that our lives can follow and that this pathway leads one to ascension or enlightenment (note the word ‘can’).

The question is – and this is where self direction and self mastery comes in – how far we choose to go along that path in this lifetime. For some the answer may be zero. They may never feel any desire to shift from their current way of being and walk a path of expansion or ascension. Others, however, will strive to walk that path as quickly and as vigorously as possible – and here’s where the paradox lies…

Pushing against the World provides no short cuts – trying to ‘work it out’ and get there faster simply blinds us to the shortest and easiest path. (Not necessarily the least painful one!)

The trick is to stop resisting and surrender to the flow.

Imagine you’ve fallen into a raging river and you can hear a waterfall coming up. Terrified by visions of being plunged hundreds of feet to your death you clutch desperately to whatever bits of roots or twigs line the banks.

But imagine now if part of you chose to fall into the river before you were born, knowing that the fall over the waterfall wouldn’t kill you but would instead deliver you to a swimming pool of infinite beauty and abundance?

Imagine too that upon coming into this physical realm that memory was erased and the only way you could communicate with that part of yourself was through dreams, inspiration and intuitive hunches?

If you knew all that, could you trust yourself, let go of the bank and allow yourself to go with the flow, fully embracing whatever might come up?

So – fast path to ascension and enlightenment – set your intention to fully surrender and then ALLOW yourself to go with the FLOW. Swim fast with the current when it flows with you and hold tight when it flows against you. Recognise the changes in the tide and remember that some part of you knows what you need to do at every moment.

Believe in yourself and your ability to LIVE the life that you desired BEFORE you came into the physical realm.

What speeds you up is TRUTH, LOVE and GRACE. What slows you down is emotional attachment to a particular outcome and FEAR.

So, what’s next?

Part of you already knows so stop thinking, start feeling and embrace the adventure!

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