The Sacred Path School And The Train To The Future

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Only those courageous enough to stand up for their ideals will shape the future.”

If you haven’t already guessed I’ll confess and tell you that I’m an idealist 

I believe that we can create a World where there is NO war.
I believe that we can live in harmony with the other creatures on the planet.
I believe that we can live in harmony with the Earth in a sustainable way.

I don’t understand why we even build things that kill people especially bombs that kill lots of people.

I don’t get why some people are so keen to destroy the Earth and its environment especially when doh – unless someone isn’t telling us – we don’t have cities on other planets to run off to.

I don’t get what would possess anyone to kill something as amazingly beautiful as a whale. Surely they should go swimming with some so they can get up close and personal eyeball to eyeball?

I know I could slip very easily into judgement about all this – to damn those people who do this as un-enlightened, un-educated, stupid even. But this of course would trap me in that story and have me play the opposing role for them so they can continue to do what they are doing.

Instead I’d like to believe that all of this is a battle between FEAR and GREED on the one hand and LOVE and COURAGE on the other.

Fear and greed will make us afraid of others and ourselves. Petty in the way that we choose to interact with the World – ‘Why should I put down my gun – someone else might pick it up’, ‘Why should I stop polluting the environment when others aren’t – I will miss out’.

Fear and greed will have us buying into the story that humans at their core are bad. That the human race must be controlled because without control they will descend and the worst elements of humanity will come out.

Love and courage allows us to step into a bigger space. To forgive ourselves and others for our failings. To see the brighter side of human nature. To focus on the positive and believe that we can be courageous enough to stand up for our ideals.

On the train to the future the idealists are at the very front of the train forging a way forwards. Without them we would still have slavery, women would still be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, forests would be cut down, whales would be extinct…

At the back of the train are the – so called – realists – probably sitting in the club car smoking stogies doing deals – like why climate change shouldn’t be addressed because it will destroy the economy – just like they once argued that abolishing slavery would have the same effect.

I believe that as the Universe expands human consciousness expands.

I believe that love is a higher vibration than fear and that therefore to expand and ascend the pathway to the future is clear.

To change the World we must begin within – change ourselves. Find our own loving sacred pathway through life. Bring love into every aspect of our lives and trust – as quantum physicists tells us – that we are all interconnected and each one of us influences the whole.

The Sacred Path School is dedicated to this task. To sharing information, techniques and practices that will empower us to walk a Sacred Path through life.

I have started an open Facebook page for The Sacred Path School and invite you to join.

Soon we will also have a website with online courses in life visioning, self mastery and walking a scared path.

Join me at the front of the train because I believe the time for a quiet but paradigm shifting social revolution is now. And yes – you have probably worked this out but don’t tell them – the club car may be a long way behind the front of the train but eventually it DOES get pulled in the same direction.

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