Learning is the Art of Remembering - Part 4 - Feeling the Natural Path

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“It is a poor kind of memory that only works backwards.”
The White Queen, in ‘Through the Looking Glass’

This is the last part of this four part series on ‘Learning is the Art of Remembering’ and by now, if you’ve been following the first three parts you should have released a whole heap of baggage that’s been dumped on you from others.

Feeling lighter and freer the next step is to trust yourself unconditionally and feel your natural path. This may sound a little esoteric but deep inside of you some part of you really does know what you are doing here and who you really are. The problem is that we get taught NOT to trust ourselves and hence we stray away from the natural path of our energy because we don’t THINK it is the right way to go.

Feeling is the language of creation – just go and ask an artist if he or she thinks their way through a painting and they will laugh at you. Feeling is the way to find the path of least resistance.

So stop trying to work it out and try this exercise instead.

Sit in a quiet space and allow your energy to settle by doing some four fold breathing – that is breathe in through the nose to a count of four, hold for four, then exhale through the mouth to the count of four, then hold for four and repeat. As you are breathing in visualise healing white light entering your body. As you hold for four visualise the white light coursing through your body and the oxygenated air going to where it is needed most. As you exhale visualise the black toxic energy and associated waste leaving your body. As you hold for four visualise your energy settling.

When you are ready visualise a beam of white light going up from the top of your head and into the clouds. Feel your energy body becoming lighter and lighter until you are able to ascend up the beam of white light and into the clouds.

Feel yourself sitting up in the clouds and then set your intention and ask for assistance to travel forward in time – you can set a certain time if you want to – for instance next year, five years etc

Now with that intent in mind come back down the beam of white light and into your body. Look in front of you and you will see a door – this is the door to your house. Don’t try and judge whether or not this is right or wrong just allow whatever comes up. Enter the house and take a look around. See your future self living there.

Who else lives there? What sort of work are you doing? What do you look like? How do you feel?

When you are ready release the image of the future and allow yourself to ascend back up the beam of light to the clouds. Set your intent to come back to the present and come back down the beam and into your body. Feel the parts of your body again. Allow yourself to be present in this moment and slowly open your eyes. Now write down what you have experienced especially what you have FELT.

So is this just a kooky exercise?

Quantum physics recognises that all possible futures exist at once and that it is possible to move forwards and backwards in time. Doing exercises like this free your mind up to be able to explore the future.

Free of all the baggage from the past and trusting in yourself you can then start to FEEL what different futures are like and whether or not they are on your natural path of energy. This is why I created the Self Mastery Program – so you can use the tools to become who you really are and create what you really want.

“The soul has the ability to conform to her character the destiny that is allotted to her.”

If you would like to explore further you can work through the program online at the website www.acping.net

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