Just Do More of What You Love

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Stop thinking and talking about it
and there is nothing you will not be able to know”
Zen paradigm

Sitting with a Self Mastery participant the other day I asked him if he had any issues or blocks that were troubling him. He replied that yes there was one thing that was really on his mind and was even keeping him up at night - paperwork!

I confess that I laughed as it is something that I hate to do too.

The problem was that not only was he not doing his paperwork - his follow up story was that there was something wrong with him because he wasn't doing it and he really needed to fix that.

Now I've known this guy for quite a while so I pointed out to him that his history is of being crap at doing paperwork. No matter what strategies he's had for trying to 'fix' things he has always managed to sabotage his own efforts and as a result he has consistently failed in the paperwork task.

Now my take on this is that - REALITY DOES NOT LIE

BUT - it only tells the truth about the past - AND - there's a disconnect between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind - such that the conscious mind is unaware of what the subconscious mind is doing or creating.

For instance we may THINK that we can solve the paperwork puzzle BUT reality may show that our subconscious mind consistently sabotages that effort.

This is a fight that the conscious mind will never win.

So - what to do?

Accept who you REALLY are and do more of what you love!
Drop the secondary story that goes something like 'Oh poor me I am so crap at doing paperwork - therefore I am a failure'

And instead try 'I am crap at doing paperwork - AND THAT'S OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '

Get it?

None of us are perfect - all of us are crap at something AND THAT'S OK!

But during our lives we've often been taught (by example) to beat ourselves up about something that we are not so good at.

Let it go!

Just do more of what you love!

If you are crap at paperwork ACCEPT IT and find someone who is good at it to do your paperwork for you.

You can't escape who you really are so embrace your true self instead. Find the path of least resistance through life, allow yourself to flow with the energy and give yourself permission to do more of what you love!

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