If You Don't Trust Yourself Why Should Anyone Else?

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her,
she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.”
Kim Basinger

I’ve got laryngitis (did you know how to spell that? I didn’t – where would we be without spell checkers? Soon they’ll be totally automatic and the days of spelling tests completely obsolete..) but I digress...

The thing about not being able to speak is you get to listen – really listen – and watch. It’s made me reflect on a workshop on leadership I ran recently where we were talking about managing conflict and I was asked what’s the key skill in managing conflict in a group or relationship.

Bet you can guess the answer?

If you said listening you’d be half right because although you can do all the communication courses in the world and get really good at asking specific questions that supposedly tell you EXACTLY what someone is thinking it won’t tell you what your intuition might be screaming at you.

A guy in the workshop called it his ‘shit-ometer’ – now maybe that’s not a very sophisticated name but I’m sure you get the point. Within seconds of walking into a room you have scanned every person in the room for where they are ‘at’ and determined what your ‘shit-ometer’ reading is.

The real skill – and the one that separates the really good leaders and movers and shakers from everyone else is – and then what do you DO about it?

Personal relationships are even more tricky – you come home – walk in the front door take one look at your partner and ding ding – in some deep dark recess of your brain a little alarm bell goes off. Mostly we are trained to ignore these alarms but how much more in flow would life be if we LISTENED and then – yes had the COURAGE – to ACT!

But we doubt ourselves.
“You ok honey?”
And off we go to read a book, play with the kids, water the garden, walk the dog.

Later we pretend to be surprised when we are ‘blindsided’ by an emotional partner who maybe drops the bombshell that we ‘never listen’. To which the appropriate response is

At work we are ‘blindsided’ by an emotional staff member who’s complained to HR that we “Never listen and don’t seem to care”...

But can you really pretend in retrospect that you didn’t know?

Trust yourself – believe in yourself – LISTEN to yourself.

Because YOU KNOW and if you don’t trust yourself why should anyone else?

Self Mastery is about BELIEVEing in yourself so you don't constantly second guess the intuitive messages you are getting. Being Open in your HEART so you are in tune with what you are feeling. Being PRESENT and then ACTING courageously having released the outcome with FAITH and embraced LOVE.

If you want to check in with where you are at with your own Self Mastery do a quick self assessment against the 8 Principles

Self Belief
Open Heart
Being Present
Following Passion
Acting Courageously
Being Grateful
Having Faith
Embracing Love

Simply consider the principle and then rate yourself out of 10.

You will quickly see which areas you are weak in and then you can go to the Online Program find the Principle that needs some work and then do the Core Practice until your self assessment comes up above 8.

Self Assessment works because 'You are what you Beleive' - if you tell a crappy story about yourself then guess what? You definitely won't believe you DESERVE love and abundance in your life. Imagine how life changes if you consistently rate yourself over 8 in each of the Self Mastery Principles?  This is my wish for you.

In peace and love always.

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