I Dream I Am The Dreamer

Posted by A.C. Ping
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There are tribes in the Amazon that believe the world is as you dream it – to change the World therefore you must first change the dream. The Australian aboriginals believe that all was created in a mystical time called The Dreamtime when spirits roamed the Earth creating all before them. As one walks through the Australian desert Aboriginal elders can explain how aspects of the country were created by telling the Dreamtime stories.

From a Quantum Physics perspective the World is infinite potential. Wave forms turn into particles through observation but the interdeterminancy principle says that the more we try to define their exact location and momentum the less exact becomes the result. Heisenberg said that we cannot know as a matter of principle, the present in all its details.

The more you know then about where you are the less awareness you have of the flow. The more aware you are of being in the flow the less aware you are of where you are.

Welcome to the World of uncertainty.

I dream I am the dreamer and the dreamer is dreaming me.

The more I try and remember the dream the more it slips away from me and the more I try to dream the less I actually do.

If you accept that we are constantly creating our reality then could we be dreaming ourselves into being? Neuroscientists say that we are processing many millions of bits of information per second but the conscious mind is only able to process about 2000 bits. What happens to the rest of it then? And what happens when we sleep? Is it possible that everything just switches off and shuts down? Or could it be that as we sleep we are still constantly creating our World?

I dream I am the dreamer and the dreamer is dreaming me.

Jung suggested that our earliest childhood dreams play a part in shaping our entire lives.

Could we assume then that our dreaming body is creating or at least helping to create whatever we have in our lives right now?

And what if we are not happy with what we’ve got? Could it be possible to change it?

Once we’ve done all the conscious things we can do to change our lives – like exercising more, eating better, working harder, thinking and planning more – does there come a time to simply step beyond this?

The Sangomas of Africa are the traditional tribal healers and shamans. They believe that we are guided in this life by our ancestors and one of the primary training techniques for Sangomas is to become more open to their dreams. They use Muthis (medicinal plants) to help them to connect to their dreams and to be able to ‘hear’ the guidance from their ancestors.

For the Sangoma, living in harmony in this World is very much about living in alignment with their dreaming body and the guidance from their ancestors. They believe that one who fails to listen to the guidance of their ancestors will receive a ‘knock on the head’ to get them to pay attention and then if this doesn’t work then the ancestors will slowly take away their support. What this means is that they would slowly lose everything – material possessions and relationships included.

If I am the dreamer and the dreamer is dreaming me and I am not happy with what I am getting then who should change - me or the dreamer?

Of the 2000 bits of information per second we consciously process, Joe Dispenza D.C. author of ‘Evolve Your Brain’, proposes that this is focussed on only three things – ourselves, our environment and time. Am I hot or cold, happy or sad, hungry or satisfied, where am I now, is it cold outside, what’s going to happen next?

In my dreaming state do I think of more than this?

Surely I do. Beyond the bounds of rationality out there in the realm of anything is possible where I can fly like an Eagle and change shape into other beings at will, I can create whole other Worlds.

Then what place has this material World?

String Theory is an attempt to reconcile quantum mechanics and general relativity. It suggests that there are at least 11 dimensions of space time all interwoven that describe our reality.

Shamans suggest that in altered states we can cross over into other states of being. How different is this from the notion of String Theory and how could we actually apply it to our World?

What if I suggested that the dreaming body is far more aware than our conscious mind? Would it make sense then that we could benefit by getting in touch with it?

Could we shift the process of visioning from being a thinking rational thing into the task of simply aligning the dreaming body and the physical body?

I am the dreamer and I am the dream.

So here is where I am now and with conscious process I can work out where I want to be over there. I can THINK about what I want to have. I can THINK about how I want to be emotionally. I can THINK about how I want to be physically. I can THINK about how I want to be spiritually.

I can draw pictures of my Vision. I can cut things out of magazines and pin them up on my wall. I can work out a plan with neat little steps. I can close my eyes and visualise myself walking around in my Vision.

But what if my dreamer is not aligned? What if my dreamer is not dreaming my Vision? Who will win? Me as my conscious self capable of exquisitely processing the 2000 odd bits of information per second I have available or my dreaming body capable of doing who knows what whilst it is flying across the Andes on the wings of a Dragon?

There are moments in destiny that cannot be avoided. Steps on the path when all things line up in a perfect order. To THINK that we can plan for these events to happen as we determine seems a bit absurd.

But surely we can place a request? Plant a seed? Imagine a possibility? Align with an essence?

And then what?



Listen to the whisper of your soul. Listen to the birds that sing you a song of joy. Be attentive as the wind blows against your cheek. Feel the tiniest little urge to go this way or that.

Trust that your dreamer is always on your side.

Have faith that there is a path before you that stretches beyond thinking. Let go of the ‘how’ of getting from here to there and embrace the flow instead.

The form of what we try to create in this life is not the key. It is the essence. Often we can get hung up on the what and the how and neglect the pure feeling of our vision.

Simply recognising that there is far more to existence than the narrow band that conscious thinking presents to us opens up a much wider range of possibilities. Actively engaging our dreaming body in the dance of life allows a crack in the Universe to open up.

Think back through your life of the significant dreams you have had. Is it possible that your dreams were trying to guide you in some way? Is it possible that you could become open to listening to your dreams in future?

Simply allowing the possibility is the first step.

Be comfortable in uncertainty and believe in your self.

Because I am the dreamer and so are you.


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