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Posted by A.C. Ping
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In 1637 when Renee Descartes wrote ‘Cognito ergo sum’ – ‘I think therefore I am’ he established the concept of Cartesian dualism – the separation of the mind and matter, and, I believe, trapped us into a way of thinking that limits our ability to create what we want in life.

It is time now to recognise that mind and matter are not separate and in fact that a more correct, and expansive, way of viewing the world is ‘Credo ergo sum’ – ‘I believe therefore I am’.

But what evidence is there that this could possibly be true? Do we really have the power to influence the world through our belief? 

The simple answer is YES

Through the power of our intentions we have the capability to influence; ourselves, other beings and inanimate objects.

Research shows, we have the power to influence our body and our very chemical structure. Neurobiologists have shown (see the work of Candace Pert ‘Molecules of Emotion’ and Bruce Lipton ‘The Biology of Belief’) that by intentionally controlling our mood and hence our feelings we can control the chemicals released into our body which in turn feeds back to our brain.

We can also change our physical body by using our mind. In 1992 the Journal of Neurophysiology reported a study which was done to see if the simple act of imagining something happening could have a physical effect on the body. The researchers split subjects into 3 groups. Group 1 released and contracted one finger on their left hand for 5 training sessions per week for 4 weeks. Group 2 rehearsed the same sessions in their mind. Group 3 – the control group – did nothing.

After 4 weeks Group 1 had a 30% improvement, Group 2 22% and Group 3 0%.

So, we can influence our self but can we influence others?

In 1993 an experiment was undertaken in Washington DC where 4000 practitioners of TM meditation were assembled for a period of 8 weeks with the intention of meditating collectively to reduce crime. The result was a decrease in the crime rate of 23%, the odds of this occurring by chance were estimated at 2 in 1 billion.

In the years since, this experiment has been repeated many different times and the result has been called ‘The Maharishi Effect’ by scientists.

But how can this happen? How could we influence other people without even seeing them let alone speaking to them or having contact with them? 

Quantum Physics provides an eloquent answer which goes something like this: in the beginning there was just one big blob of matter which exploded apart with a big bang and started exploding outwards to form the Universe and everything in it.

The thing is that everything that is now in the Universe came from that original blob of matter and as such everything in the Universe is linked together as one. This is what is called ‘entanglement’. So, I am linked to you and everything else through the quantum field and to some extent everything I do influences you.

Generally this is very subtle. However, the more people you link together in a like minded intent the stronger the effect. Hence the Maharishi effect.

So, if we are linked together and everything else is also entangled, can we influence inanimate objects?

Funny you should ask.

One of the simplest and most beautiful areas of research that has been undertaken in this area has been conducted by a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto. For over a decade, Emoto and his team have been directing intention at water and then freezing the water so that it forms crystals. As the crystals form they take photos of the formations and then compare them according to what sort of intention was projected at the water.

The results are quite striking. Water which has had loving intent projected at it forms beautiful symmetric crystals, whilst water that has had angry intent projected at it will only form random shapes or no crystals at all (see the web for more details).

Research has also been conducted to see if human intent can influence random event generators. The results have shown that human intention can affect such a mechanical and seemingly rigid process. For more information see ‘The Intention Experiment’.

So, there is evidence to show that we can affect ourselves both chemically and physically. We can affect other people and we can affect inanimate objects.

But, what’s the point? And how does this help us with creating what we want in life?

Well, consider this – scientists estimate that the brain processes about 400 billion bits of information a second but that we are only consciously aware of about 2000 bits of data. That means that in our conscious rational mind we may believe that we are in control but in reality we are not.

Our conscious mind is only a very small part of what is actually happening in our brains subconsciously and unconsciously.

So, what’s this got to do with creation?

Well if you remain in your conscious thinking mind trying all the time to ‘work it out’ you should see by now that you will be limiting yourself to a very narrow range of possibility.

If, however, you recognise that you have huge power to influence yourself, others and the world around us simply through the power of your intentions, then you open yourself up to a whole new expanded view of the world.

None of it will make sense from a rational, purely left brain view of the world. You can't ‘work it out’ because we don’t really know how it works. All you can do is plant the seeds, release the outcome, surrender to the journey, and trust in your innate ability to create it.

The other great revelation to note here is the pointlessness of worry. Worry arises because we are concerned about something that is yet to happen so we start trying to work out ways of preventing whatever the thing is, from happening.

Seen from the perspective of the power of intention worry will only serve to help create what we are worrying about…

So, here is a left brain, rational, scientific basis for why it is beneficial to let go and get beyond thinking and embrace a more fluid, trusting, belief based way of life. Because:-

I believe therefore I am.


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