Can You Feel Your Future?

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo da Vinci

I have to confess to being a thinking junkie!

“Why?”, “What does that mean?”, “How does that fit in?” are all questions that I have continually and repeatedly raised and attempted to answer throughout my life. And being someone who was well and truly trained to buy into, what I would call – ‘The Scientific Paradigm’ – I have of course attempted answer all of those questions by THINKING about them.

Ho hum… Yes I know, I know – get out of your head and embrace the totality of being!

Of late much of my work has included exercises and visualisations to achieve just that. Reinforced of course by the latest SCIENTIFIC findings in neuroscience and neurobiology that show just how much stuff is going on in our brains that we are NOT consciously aware of!  (See again the great work of Candace Pert and in particular ‘Your body is your subconscious mind’)

Ancient people have of course understood all this for a VERY long time hence the often bizarre practices of shamans who do weird and wonderful things like bury themselves in a hole overnight to experience a ritual death or sit in a circle for anywhere up to four days to seek life vision.

Despite understanding all of this from a THINKING perspective and indeed having experienced many weird and wonderful things that have taken me well and truly beyond the realms of my conscious mind – not the least having a near death experience and recognising without doubt AFTER the event that some part of me knew it was going to happen BEFORE the event and tried desperately to warn me – I never cease to be amazed by how the most seemingly simplest of exercises can indeed tap into a wisdom held deeply within our bodies.

Which brings me back to ‘Feeling the Future’.

You may have read the previous post ‘Creating a Circle of Honour’ and you may even have taken yourself off to the beach or quiet place to do this exercise. You may have also read the post ‘Walking Between the Worlds’ which is all about future visioning.

So, just recently I did some visioning work with a group of people and sent them off to the beach to do a ‘Present Circle’. In other words to draw, in the sand, a circle that represented where they are right now. Then to sit in the circle and reflect on the reality of the present – what they have, who they are etc.

Once they had sat in the ‘Present’ for a while I asked them to turn to the north (the south if you are in the northern hemisphere) and walk as far as they felt they needed to and then draw a circle to represent the future. Then to sit in that circle and FEEL the future – noting what was in the circle and what was not.

What amazed me was that some of the people drew circles that were the same size as their current circles, some drew circles that were bigger – and in some cases MUCH bigger, whilst a few drew circles that were smaller than the present.

Debriefing all of this with them revealed that they KNEW what they needed. AND the realisation of this allowed them to then shift back into their heads and PLAN for it to happen.

So – from thinking to doing to being also works the other way around – that is – from BEING, to DOING to THINKING.

Great eh?

The key to all of this is ALIGNMENT.

At some point you have to own up to your ambition. Whether that be to have a ‘smaller’ simpler life or a bigger more challenging one. Pretending that you can create what you THINK without FEELING it deeply just won’t work. Subconsciously you will trip yourself up at every turn.

And so the last challenge – should you CHOOSE to accept it – once you have grounded yourself in your FUTURE circle – go and rub out the present one.

Because the FUTURE is NOW if you CHOOSE it to BE.

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