The Sacred Path

Posted by A.C. Ping
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Walking a Sacred Path through life requires honour.

Honour for yourself, honour for other beings, honour for the Earth and honour for the mysteries of life and the aspects that are 'unseen' - the spiritual. The challenge of this path is to have enough awareness to be self directed and to attain a level of self mastery that enables you to do this.

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Self Mastery is the ability to determine what you want and then to master your emotional and physical responses to enable you to be that person. It is the ability to balance the inner ‘being’ with the outer ‘doing’.

The challenge is best described by analogy – 70% of people who have open heart surgery don’t change their ways after surgery even though they know they should. Why is this? Why is it that most of us have something in our lives that we are not happy with or know we should or should not be doing but we simply, for whatever reason do not do it?

Most people learn Self Mastery through adversarial or challenging life experiences. The Self Mastery Program seeks to empower you with these skills without the adversarial life conditions.

Level 1 - The Self Mastery Course

This course draws from the fields of Ontological Philosophy, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics then blends this with real life practicality.

The key steps in the course are:-

  1. Self Assessment against the 8 Principles of Self Mastery and the completion of a holistic Vision.
  2. Choosing the key issues you wish to work on over the course.
  3. Putting together a Personal Self Mastery Development Plan.
  4. Identifying key actions to deliver on that plan.
  5. Setting key milestones to be reviewed every month with key measurables.
  6. Working consistently on core practices based on the 8 Self Mastery Principles

The Self Mastery Course incorporates 8 one hour sessions,email contact in between sessions and reading where appropriate.
The initial session goes through the underlying philosophy and sets the stage for how we work together. Then approximately every 4 weeks we review what you have done in the last month – focusing on what you are doing right, any issues that have come up, what you plan to do for the coming month, and where you are at with regard to your overall plan.

Each month also introduces core practices based on the 8 Self Mastery Principles.

The key guiding principles of this course are:-

  • Inner transformation precedes outer transformation - so we work on the inner being in balance with the outer doing.
  • Strength training
    – we focus on solutions not problems and we always ask ‘What are you doing right?’
  • Focused Intent
    – Intention + Belief = Creation – so be clear on what your intentions are.
  • Power is Now
    – clarify your Vision then let it go and be present in each and every moment.
  • Action is King
    – we live in a cause and effect world so we must act to create

Level 2 - Walking a Sacred Path

The course is only available to graduates of The Self Mastery Course.
It assumes that one has atained a level of proficiency in the 8 Self Mastery Principles
and then builds on these to take particpants to a much deeper level of being.

Walking a Sacred Path explores the notion of honour in four directions:
The Self, other Beings, the Earth, and the Spiritual aspects of life.

Course Fees

  • Level 1 - The Self Mastery Course A$4000 (can be paid monthly)
  • Level 2 - Walking a Sacred Path A$4000 (can be paid monthly)

Courses are available Worldwide
All you need to access the Program is an Internet connection capable of running Skype.

For further information email


"A.C. Ping took me on a journey of Self Mastery and Self Exploration. I found his style and support to be very positive, encouraging and motivating. The program has contributed towards a wonderful change in both my professional and personal life. I have grown as a person and as a leader, and I have developed skills that now help me through some difficult & challenging situations. I really enjoyed the time spent with A.C. and the journey we took together. The outcome is very satisfying and I would highly recommend the program."

Senior Executive, Adelaide, Australia

"At a time of deep self doubt and questioning I was given courage to confront my fears, face the world asking the relevant questions, and look for the control I needed in my life. All of this was made possible by the inspirational approach A.C. Ping offered in his books BE, DO and FAITH.

From there I went on to have 1-1 coaching sessions which offered clarity of vision, defeating my perception that my problems stemmed wholly from victimisation and bullying within the workplace. Over a period of several months of coachingI was able to take ownership for my actions and build for the future by defining my goals. From this I now have a successful consultancy business in fashion retail and I am pursuing my dream of writing poetry and fiction. His books BE, DO and FAITH are a constant source of reference and support."

Fashion Consultant, London UK

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