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Posted by A.C. Ping
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Through working with organisations on Leadership Programs, what has always amazed me is that so much time and money is spent on short courses - some as brief as half a day. Participants are then expected to go back to their workplaces and 'bingo' be transformed into great visionary leaders who can, not only remember, but also apply what has been taught.

In my experience this approach might work for about one person in ten, but for the rest of us it is just too much to take in.

In the course of running Leadership Programs I kept asking 

"What is it that makes a great leader great?" and 

"Can you learn it?" or "Do you have to be born with it?"

My conclusion is that there are 8 Key Leadership Principles that you need to be able to master:-

  1. Self Belief  – Courage and Determination
  2. Vision - The ability to get ‘buy in’
  3. Clear Values - Respect and Empathy
  4. Lead by Example - Able to show others the way
  5. Strategist - The ability to think and act strategically
  6. Communication - Listen and Convey
  7. Team Building - The ability to inspire and motivate
  8. Adaptability - To change and re-invent one’s self

Of course, it is not enough to simply be able to understand these Principles, one must be able to master emotional and physical responses to enable you to be a great leader - in other words "You can't fake it!"

The Honourable Leader Program incorporates the learnings from The Sacred Path Program and hence draws from the fields of Ontological Philosophy, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics then blends this with real life practicality.

The key steps in the Program are:-

  1. Self Assessment against the 8 Principles of Leadership and the completion of a holistic Vision
  2. Choosing the key issues you wish to work on over the next 6 months.
  3. Putting together a Personal Leadership Development Plan.
  4. Identifying key actions to deliver on that plan.
  5. Setting key milestones to be reviewed every month with key measurables.
  6. Working consistently on core practices based on the 8 Principles of Leadership

The Honourable Leader Program incorporates 8 one hour sessions. The initial session goes through the underlying philosophy and sets the stage for how we work together. 

Then approximately every 4 weeks we review what you have done in the last month – focusing on what you are doing right, any issues that have come up, what you plan to do for the coming month, and where you are at with regard to their overall plan.

The key guiding principles of this program are:-

  • Inner transformation precedes outer transformation
    - so we work on the inner being in balance with the outer doing.
  • Strength training
    – we focus on solutions not problems and we always ask ‘What are you doing right?’
  • Focused Intent
    – Intention + Belief = Creation – so be clear on what your intentions are.
  • Power is No
    – clarify your Vision then let it go and be present in each and every moment.
  • Action is King
    – we live in a cause and effect world so we must act to create

So "Does it work?"

"Our interstate business was growing strongly but the team responsible for a large amount of the work was under stress, with interpersonal relationships severely stretched. Tension at work was high and the personal health and performance of the team members began to suffer. There were a string of historical factors at play - performance, people and business issues that had not been effectively dealt with led to an impasse between management and staff. 

Individually, the manager and team members showed a strong desire for things to be different but none of them could see a clear path to improve the situation and their motivation to seek change was at an all time low. It was obvious that some fast and constructive intervention was required.

A thorough team review and skilled counseling from our internal HR consultant identified  the most effective way to create a fast change was to empower and motivate the local manager to lead from the front and create the change the team needed.  Through her recommendation we engaged A.C. Ping to undertake a 6 month executive coaching program. 

What can I say?

The transformation was amazing at both a personal and team level.

The individually adapted approach provided by A.C. cast a new light on the situation and empowered the initially skeptical manager to not only challenge and change their own behaviour and responses, but to take responsibility for setting standards for the team. 

Over a short period of time, they moved from a closed, individual and quite often hostile group to an open, communicative and collaborative team that were able to enjoy and create more success - all instigated by the management turn around. 

Twelve months later, it's hard to believe this group of motivated and happy people is the same team we despaired of. I'm very glad A.C. Ping was part of our team."

—KPMG Australia

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