Vision Quest Program - Sample Exercise - Experiencing FutureMe

Posted by A.C. Ping
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One of the key things that I have learned from working with people to connect them with their passions is that the first step may be to THINK about what you want from life but true connection does not occur until you FEEL what that future is like.

The exercise below is an example of the type of exercises that are in the Vision Quest Program. The key to getting the most out of it is to allow yourself to FEEL deeply and allow your intuition to inform your mind.

Walking Between the Worlds - Experiencing FutureMe


Once you have done some 'thinking' about your Vision and have written it down or possibly drawn a picture of it try the following exercise:-

Go off to a quite place where you can meditate and get yourself into a calm centred and relaxed state. Now take yourself forwards in time to the end point in your Vision (whatever time frame you set for your Vision – e.g. 6 months, 2 years, 5 years etc).

Come into the reality of your Vision as an observer. Find yourself – your ‘FutureMe’ - in your Vision and sit and watch and observe ‘FutureMe’.

How is FutureMe being? How is FutureMe behaving? How is FutureMe feeling?

Watch and observe FutureMe for as long as you can.
When you are ready come back to the present and reground yourself.

Now ask yourself – Am I in love with FutureMe?

That is, when you reflect on what you saw as your future self – did you absolutely 100% unreservedly LOVE FutureME??

If yes, your Vision is good. If not then you need to revisit your Vision and revisit and refine FutureMe until you do get to the point where you are in LOVE with FutureMe.

Once you are at that point you then need to practice Walking between the Worlds. Taking time to go to the future and observe FutureMe and the world in which he or she lives. Charge this world with as much emotional energy as possible. Ask yourself WHY you want this will stir emotions. Visualise it with as much clarity as possible so as to begin to put some spin and momentum into the Future/Present loop that you wish to create.

Remember the aim here is to train your mind to seize the moment of opportunity that arises in between thought and action and to take action aligned to the Future you desire rather than the Past that you are addicted to. By visualising the Future with emotional intensity what we wish to do is to start to tap into our feelings about this Future and hence create the corresponding chemicals AND replace our old addictions with new ones.

Make sense?

The more you Walk between the Worlds the more you will build a relationship with FutureMe. The more you will create a strong link between your Present reality and the Future you want.

Once you have done this - when faced with a decision in the Present you can simply ask – What would FutureMe do in this situation?

When you have your answer don’t try to rationalise it. Don’t try to justify it in any way. Just do it and slowly but surely you will become FutureMe.

The second part of Walking between the Worlds is walking backwards and reclaiming your power.

In this exercise, you need to identify any past issues that bother you or somehow limit you from being who you want to be.

Take yourself off somewhere quiet once again and get yourself centred and grounded. When you are ready go back to the time in question. Observe your PastMe for a while until you feel you have truly connected. Now sit down with PastMe and have a talk with them.

What do you feel you need to say to your Past self? What does PastMe most need to know so that they can be truly whole and truly powerful?

Make peace with PastMe and nurture them as much as possible. Help them to release whatever fear, doubt or anxiety they may be holding onto. Lastly, bring them into a space of joy and see them happy and playing.

When you are ready come back to the Present and reground yourself in the moment.

Now you know how to Walk between the Worlds.

Next challenge is to practice it until you are fluid in the skill and able to float between the Past, Present and the Future as your needs desire.

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