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Programs designed for companies.

From time to time we all get a bit stuck in our ways and need someone to help us see things from another perspective. This is the true benefit of using an external coach – having someone to stand in your corner and give you another view on life.

Speaking Topics

Self Mastery and Leadership

This is an interactive presentation which can flow into an experiential workshop. It covers the following: What makes a great leader? What do Nelson Mandela, Steve Waugh and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? Are there some key attributes common to all great leaders and how can we learn them?

The Executive Leadership Program is an 8 month structured Program which can be done individually or in small groups.

Workshops provide an opportunity for organisations to bring people together to address specific issues. Generally, workshops provide a starting point and allow participants to ‘get on the same page’.

Workshops can be tailored to suit an organisations needs and generally run from 3 hours to two days in length.

Workshop topics include:


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