Working With Cycles

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart.
Try to love the questions themselves…
At present you need to live the question.
Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it,
find yourself experiencing the answer.”
Rainer Maria Rilke, Poet

In Australia and the rest of the southern hemisphere the season of Spring has just begun. The plants have an added vitality to them, seeds are sprouting, the beach is looking more inviting and children are bouncing out of bed at first light to play in the sunshine.

From a cyclical perspective, Spring heralds the return of life after the introspection and hibernation of winter. A friend told me recently that for the last few weeks he has been carrying around some seeds in his pocket to remind himself of the creative energy of Spring. I thought that was a brilliant reminder to intent.

Too often in our World I think we miss the cyclical nature of life and I believe that much can be gained from recognising the cycles in our lives and actively working with them.

Women of course have a head start on men because of the way a woman’s body follows a monthly cycle. But how many of us actually honour that cycle? American Indians used to have a ‘moon time’ when a woman would effectively retreat from the rest of the tribe and remain in isolation only with other women. The sorcerer Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda’s books says that during the time of menstruation a woman is in a time of heightened awareness and is actually able to see the ‘crack’ between the Worlds – something that we poor men can only work towards.

Too often I think we barrel forwards completely intoxicated by the lure of linear thinking. Triviality traps us into perpetual motion around daily tasks and we come to believe that the past creates the future and that we can project forwards with complete certainty.

Reality, however, tells us otherwise.

Life has its own flow and rhythm that we can tune into and align with.

Becoming aware of the seasons is a good start. Followed soon after by awareness of the moon cycle. A new moon – like we are going to have this Wednesday – and the week that follows is a good time to begin new things, to be aware of new ideas and projects coming into your life. The second week – or quarter – of the moon cycle is a great time for getting into solid action. Full moon and the days on either side of it is the most intense energy period of the moon cycle. Research shows crime rates and suicides go up on a full moon. So that should tell you to either go and party or at least be social and interact with friends and family.

Following the full moon, the moon begins to wane. So yes the energy is decreasing – third quarter – begin to slow down, put the new projects you have begun to bed. Follow up on things you have begun. Just in time for the fourth quarter – the dark moon period – when introspection is good. In the days leading up to the new moon – now – review the month that has been, ask yourself what you have done right, let go of any baggage that has come up, release any dramas, draw a BIG FAT line in the sand so the past can indeed become the past. Set your intention for the next cycle ready to begin again, renewed, refreshed, energised and inspired!

And just remember next time you are walking outside at night to look up and see the moon and know that wherever anyone is in the World they look up and see exactly the same moon you do!

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