Walk a Sacred Path #3 - Your Greatest Gift is Truth

Posted by A.C. Ping
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Your Greatest Gift is Truth

"Each lifetime is the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
For some there are more pieces. For others the puzzle
is more difficult to assemble. But know this:
you do not have within yourself all of the pieces
of your puzzle. Everyone carries within them at least one
and possibly many pieces to someone else's puzzle...
When you present your piece, which is worthless to you,
to another, whether you know it or not,
you are a messenger from the most High."
Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

And once more with feeling because I've been told many times that we humans need to see something three times before we get it...

Your Greatest Gift is Truth.

To Walk a Sacred Path is to seek a path of FREEDOM. Freedom from what you may ask? How about we start with freedom from fear, anxiety, worry, craving, addiction, guilt, despair, regret, shame...

If you look at all those afflictions - the first few relate to the future and the last few to the past.

It's all a bit silly really because the fear of what may happen is generated within our own minds and the regret for what has already happened is simply baggage that we cannot let go of even though there is NOTHING that we can do to change what has already happened.

3 domains


Go back to the Past, Present, Future model that I have shared many times in the past.

Power lives in the Present where spirit and matter interconnect for the briefest of moments.

Living in a Past/Present loop limits us to the Past and sends us spiralling downwards into Judgement, Right/Wrong thinking and obsessing with protecting our territory.

Future/Present is ideally expansive. We are growth seeking beings remember - we are at our best when we are growing on some level. Check it out for yourself - do you feel better when you are growing in some form - whether it be spiritual, mental, material, emotional or physical?

Status Quo is bullshit boring stagnation!

Check out 'Do You Suffer From Drama Syndrome' and you will see that we each have a quotient for growth which if not directed into growth will automatically redirect into DRAMA - boring!

So - back to the point of this post - TRUTH - The Greatest Gift You Can Give Is Your TRUTH!

Follow my logic here - we are growth seeking beings, we come onto this physical realm so we can expand, grow and ideally ascend. We attract to us situations and people who are best able to help us grow by - loving us, challenging us, pushing our buttons, supporting us - and whatever else we best need at the time.

That's the FAITH bit - yes - EVERYTHING is PERFECT right now.

AND if everything is perfect right now and you and me and all of us are attracting to us exactly what we need right now to allow us to expand and grow along our journey how then do we best surrender and embrace a Sacred Path?


Have the courage to speak your truth from the heart with love and compassion.

Often we do not - for fear of what we THINK may happen - but in doing so we block the expansive path forwards and trap ourselves instead into a fear based, rational view of life based on the PAST.

I worked with someone recently who told herself a story that it was best to manage her marriage by biting her tongue when things upset her so that she didn't rock the boat.
'How's that working for you?' I asked
'Ambivalence is not only pervading my marriage but is also seeping into the other areas of my life'


So - let's summarise - to walk a Sacred Path in life requires letting go of the fear of what may happen in the future and releasing the regrets of the past. Stepping into the void where spirit and matter connect can only happen in the present.

Allowing yourself to move forwards and EXPAND is best accomplished by speaking and living your TRUTH.

The greatest gift you can give to another is your whole truth spoken from your heart.

By letting go of your delusion of thinking you 'know' you open yourself to the mystery of the universe.


Crop circle


"The whole World is you,
yet you keep thinking
there is something else."
Chinese Proverb

In peace and love always.

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