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Posted by A.C. Ping
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Coming into the Equinox - Sept 23rd - is traditionally the time of the year to refresh and renew your Vision this is because the energies of the cosmos are in equal balance - equal day equal night - hence equinox.

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere you are about to go into a period of about three months through to the summer solstice where the days are getting longer and longer. This means that the expansive energy of the sun is getting greater and greater. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere the opposite is occurring with the introspective energy of the Moon getting stronger and stronger up until the winter solstice.

This has implications for visioning - if you are entering an expansive period you need you be more orientated to DOing and getting stuff out there. If you are entering the introspective phase you need to be more orientated to BEing and getting your internal house in order.

Having said all that the question is how to do it...

Traditionally and ideally you should do some prep work over the next four weeks or so and then take yourself off to the mountains and sit in circle for up to 4 days and ask for spiritual guidance for your Vision. This can be hard to do if you live in a city and/or have ongoing commitments however you can do the prep work and plant some seeds.

As a possibility I suggest this 28 day reflective process which you can start this Friday.
For five days each consider the 5 areas of Vision in this order - Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Mental, Material.

For the first four days - PLAY (engage the wondering mind) -  ask the questions - What do I want and what does this look like and feel like? I'd suggest focusing on a one year time frame - so for example - sit quietly and imagine it's Sept 2016 - What do you want spiritually? What does this look like? that is - What are you actually DOing? and What does this feel like? Remember here to focus on essence not form. Play with it here - put the question out there and allow it to come to you - be receptive in your dreams and in your everyday life. A good question to ask is 'I wonder what would happen if...?'

Use what you need to make it real - write, draw, paint etc

On the fifth day - ask - What do I need to let go of to allow this to happen? Write these answers on separate pieces of paper (you'll see why in a sec).

Then on day 6 do the same with Emotional for 5 days then Physical, Mental and so on until on the 20th Sept you will be finishing Material. Also if you are inspired to incorporate directions - this relates to the Medicine Wheel - you will be going East (Spirit), South (Emotional), West (Physical), North (Mental), Earth (Material).

Monday 21st Sept is the day to bring it all together and return to Spirit (East) to receive the new. Start by putting all your Visioning bits together - again allow yourself to synthesize the bits into a whole.

Next take all the bits of paper on which you have written all of the things you wish to let go of. Light a fire - or if not possible a candle (remember to unplug the smoke alarms...) - take each piece of paper in the order you wrote them - read them out loud and say "I release this past behaviour/pain/fear/memory/relationship (which ever is appropriate) to the universe and allow the energy to be transformed for the highest good" - then burn them.

Last bit - on the day of the Equinox - if you can go and sit somewhere quiet or take time out in some way that's great - if not light a candle and put some of your favourite things/crystals/photos (esp. of ancestors). Put your consolidated Visioning writings/drawings/paintings etc with your candle - if it is in a book make sure it is open - and ask for assistance and guidance to bring it into creation. Big key here is to be open - don't assume you know - allow intuition, spirit, prayer, insight to guide and inform you. Hold your intention to stay in that space for the whole day - be aware of nature, especially animals, birds etc. Take special note of your dreams that night.

On awakening say thank you remembering that Grace is the unearned love of God (Universal Spirit)

In peace and love always :)

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