Pumping Up The 'I AM' Story

Posted by A.C. Ping
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"Focus on the best in one another
by focusing on the best in you first."

I've been working at the local University tutoring students in Ethics and Sustainability and one of the by products of that has been that I've been going to my favourite coffee shop dressed in nice work clothes rather than my more usual relaxed gardening attire.

It's never ceased to amaze me how differently people treat me according to how I am dressed but I wonder how much of it has to do with the vibe I put out. Listening some more to the Abraham-Hicks recording of 'The Vortex' I'm impressed with the notion that 'feelings always come first' - FEEL first and then trust that the World fits around your vibration not the other way round.

So, who are you when you're naked?

Strip away the flash clothes, designer accessories, makeup and jewellery and what's left?

Peel another layer back as you remove the nice car and the big house and then yes - sitting in your little teepee in a small shawl who are you?

Which brings me to 'Pumping the I AM story'.

In the Vortex, Abraham encourages us to appreciate who we are right now so we can then allow the flow of love and abundance to flow to us.

Problem is I started the 'I am' story and quickly realised that my measure of self worth was related to my 'doings' rather than my 'being'.

Take away all of the kudos from doing and I was left with looking closely at my being and not necessarily appreciating my level of self judgement.

Without a level of self appreciation it becomes pretty hard to allow the flow of love and abundance to come to you because let's face it - you just don't believe you DESERVE IT!

So - yes - time to pump the 'I AM' story. Start with 'I appreciate all that I am right now and I choose to love and accept all of myself and allow love and abundance to flow easily into my life'.

Don't bother with criticism. Be gentle with yourself. Focus on what is right with naked and fully exposed YOU :)

And a reminder that if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, now is the time to prepare for Visioning.

The ideal time every year to do Vision Quest work is around the Spring Equinox - which is 23rd September. So in this month leading up to the Equinox it is time to reflect on the inner journey that you've been on through Winter and start to open yourself up to the new things coming into your life. Much in the same way as the plants are now awakening from their Winter slumber.

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