Never Complain Never Explain

Posted by A.C. Ping
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"There are things for the understanding
of which a different being is necessary."

I know that serendipitous moments occur at the most unexpected of times so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I awoke out of a deep sleep to hear the voice of Esther Hicks as Abraham telling me "When you give your attention to something you want only give appreciation for it, not attention to lack of it".

My flight from Melbourne Australia had been delayed by almost two hours so by the time we boarded the plane I'd done my fair share of watching planes take off, navel gazing and people watching, as well as enjoying an orange sunset and the slow transition from day to night.

What makes us all do what we do? And why are some people more successful at things than others?

I'd travelled from my home in Northern NSW where as my mother recently said 'It seems like everyone is on holidays' to bustling, busy Melbourne where I lost count of how many $300,000 Bentley Continental GTs I saw and no one batted an eyelid at the similarly pricey Audi parked casually in the no standing zone collecting parking tickets at regular intervals .

Years ago I left this life. What if I had stayed on my path as a finance broker? Would it be me parking the Audi carelessly disregarding the street signs? What if? What if?

Once we did board the plane we were delayed another half an hour on the runway and I confess I struggled to remain awake and was happy to finally be in the air and see the seat belt sign switched off.

I slipped in the headphones and clicked on 'The Vortex' by Abraham Hicks with the questions rolling through my mind.

And so - 'Don't pay any attention to lack of what you want'

Never Complain - don't waste your breath. Things happen for a reason you don't need to know why. You just need to have FAITH that they are happening for a reason and then do your very best to get yourself the hell out of the way of what's coming next. Complaining about the circumstances of the right now - whatever they are - just keeps you focussed on the lack.

In the days after I lusted after the Bentleys and Audis I spent time with people who were in that realm and realised that mostly they were focussed on their lack of time and kept telling me what they were going to do NEXT - once they had cash to retire, step back and relax. They told me about empty holiday homes and the plans to enjoy fresh country air. We could swap I thought.

Never Explain - I tried to explain that there was balance to be had. They explained that would happen when their bank balance reached X. I wondered if it was them or me that was focussed on lack.

If you believe that you have a unique life path to follow and you have the courage to believe in yourself then back yourself. No one else needs to understand why you are doing things and no one else's answers will truly work for you.

According to Rudolph Steiner there is another self, a hidden spiritual being which is the individuals guide or guardian which

"Does not make itself known through thoughts or inner words. It acts through deeds, processes and events. It is this other self that leads the soul through the details of its life destiny and evokes its capacities, tendencies and talents."

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