Living the 8 Self Mastery Principles

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“To know and yet to do is yet to know”
Yukio Mishima

What strange creatures we humans are. Blessed with a brain that allows us to project into the future or reflect on the past we all too often find ourselves living there instead of here. To translate theory and thought into actions and ways of being is a task that anyone on an evolutionary path strives to achieve.

The aim of the Self Mastery principles I developed is to be a tool to facilitate this outcome. Just as a good mechanic knows which tool to reach for when fixing a broken car, a warrior on the path to freedom must also have a bag of tricks to reach into.

The Self Mastery Principles are a diagnostic tool. Keeping a list of them nearby allows you to do a quick self assessment when things aren’t quite on track. On a scale of one to ten you should aim to be 8 or above on all of the 8 principles.

Begin with 1. Self Belief – where do you rate yourself out of 10? Are you free of doubt and anxiety, loving yourself unconditionally and believing in your ability to create what you want in the world?

2. Open Your Heart – are you connected to your deepest feelings? Freely and willingly expressing these to those around you? Honouring yourself and how you truly feel? Embracing a full range of emotional expression?

3. Be Present – are you here now? Knowing that right here right now is your point of leverage and power in the world? The only place where you can influence the material world through action?

4. Follow Your Passions – are you doing what you love? Enjoying what you are doing and allowing yourself to be lost in the flow?

5. Act Courageously – acknowledging your feelings and deepest intuitive guidance are you trusting yourself and ACTING? Not waiting for evidence and rational thought to catch up with where you are?

6. Have Faith – have you released the outcome and embraced the journey? Trusting that what you get is exactly perfect regardless of whether you think so or not?

7. Be Grateful – are you focussed on the good bits? The blessings in your life? The serendipitous events that bring an unpredictable spark to the world?

8. Embrace Love – can you step into the light? Love yourself exactly who you are? Love others for exactly who they are? Love the World exactly as it is right now? Release the judgement that locks the gate to a higher possibility?

When you’ve done your quick self assessment then step back and take a look at any of the elements that rated less than 6. Now you have your focus – where you need to take some action.

Your diagnosis complete you can go back to your toolbox and select the appropriate tool for tuning up your being and embracing life as a spiritual warrior.

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