The Invalidated Emotion

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“The great epochs of our lives are the occasions
when we gain the courage to rebaptise our
evil qualities as our best qualities.”

The pain and disharmony that we feel in life arises from our inability to accept and love ourselves for EXACTLY who we are. Before we gain the ability to hide away in our heads and process everything, suppressing what we really feel, we were once, as children, a free flowing emotional being.

Somewhere along the way though we were told that something we felt was not right – not valid. We were told by those who pretended to know better – the adults. We were told to suppress our feelings.

What is your invalidated emotion that causes the internal conflict between wanting to feel it and denying your right to do so that results in the erroneous belief that “There’s something wrong with me”?

Did it originate with a painful emotional experience between the ages of 2 and 6 thereby lodging it deep in the subconscious to play out as a self destructive adult behaviour?

Could you go back and validate the emotion felt by the inner child and allow it to release the belief that “I’m not OK”?

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