The 'I AM GOOD ENOUGH' Process

Posted by A.C. Ping
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"Life without love becomes
Just a series of cold heartless transactions."

Thanks for all the feedback on 'The Not Good Enough Story' and no it's not factually a true story but yes it has been told many times to many children.

Following on from that post I got asked how exactly DO you retrain yourself to tell an 'I AM good enough story'.

So here goes - keep it simple -

Listen to your inner voice and become aware of what story you are telling yourself. When you catch your critical inner voice telling you off write the story down on a piece of paper.

Look at the story on the paper - make a DECISION to let it go! Then ideally burn the piece of paper or if that means you are going to set something on fire or set off an alarm of some sort then simply throw it in a bin as far away from where you live as possible (that is consciously and practically rid the story from your life).

This is key. No matter how many times you catch yourself telling you the same old same old story adding to the hurt and anguish by beating yourself up is NOT going to help. No you are NOT a Loser you are simply HUMAN. So, just like Vipassana meditation - BE GENTLE!!! - laugh if you can...

It's ALL you - so try saying something like 'Even though part of me keeps telling myself a negative story about myself I'm going to FORGIVE and EMBRACE that part anyway'.

See the little kid in the school playground being mean but what he/she REALLY wants is a hug.

By forgiving yourself you create a space to enable you to move forwards.

Yeah CHOOSE - it's your life remember and you really are allowed to CHOOSE so CHOOSE to love yourself unconditionally and ALLOW abundance into your life. That means 'YES I am OK and YES I DO DESERVE abundance in LOVE, MONEY, HAPPINESS...'

Now set your intention for how you want to BE.

Know that if Self Love goes down your inner critical voice says 'NOT GOOD ENOUGH and therefore you DON'T DESERVE whatever it is you want'. If this happens go back and repeat the process as many times as it takes.

Until you get to STEP 5 which is - RELAX - stop trying to find reasons why whatever you want is not happening and instead ACCEPT that it IS!

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