Happiness is LOVE in Action

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“The way you treat others is simply a reflection of how you treat yourself”

It’s Valentine’s day so love is the theme of the day. Love, love, love where does it all start?

Surely from within?

Love yourself first and then you can radiate love out into the world?

Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book ‘The Four Agreements’ that we will accept from others the same level of abuse that we give ourselves minus a degree or so…

Ho hum, how’s your love life looking now? Ouch!

Back to the Self then – learn to love and accept yourself for exactly who you are then you will have the compassion to love and accept others for exactly who they are. If you find yourself being overly critical of judgemental of others – WAKE UP! – it’s a sure sign that deep down within the bowels of self talk is a little frustrated meanie just waiting to get out.

Solution? Yes, I thought you’d ask – since of course I wouldn’t want to be critical or judgemental of you because then I’d be a HYPOCRITE…

Allow yourself to be drawn to the things that naturally interest you. Allow your passions to surface. Allow yourself ME time to indulge in the things that you love, not for an outcome but simply for the pleasure of doing it and BEING in that space of flow.

Happiness is love in action. We all know people that we are drawn to because they obviously LOVE what they are doing. Their love is infectious because of the happiness it breeds.

Too often we find ourselves, particularly in the Western world, becoming simply cogs in an economic production machine. Producing, producing, producing. What’s the outcome?

We’re sliding down a slippery slope to the bottom of the economic production pile.

I read an article recently about the growth of the mega rich. One guy was quoted as saying “If the people in the west think they deserve 10 times the salary then maybe they should be producing 10 times as much”

Is that a happy life?

Time to go the other way surely?

Find what you LOVE, do what you LOVE, be LOVE.

LOVE yourself and allow the LOVE to flow through you into the World.

Create LOVING relationships, create LOVING communities, create a more LOVING World.

And it all begins within and by CHOOSING to LOVE yourself UNCONDITIONALLY.

Happy Valentine's Day :)

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