Freedom is the Opiate of the Masses

Posted by A.C. Ping
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“Lessen your fear, because if you let it grow,
It is you who will become small.”
Amazonian Oral Tradition

Since Abba was top of the pop charts in the late 70s and we all bought music on vinyl there has been amazing change the in World. Social democracy and free market theory is based on the twin pillars of freedom and equality and that has given us unprecedented freedom of choice in the way we live our lives.

You can choose the type of relationship you want to be in and the way you want to work – be it contract, casual, part time, full time, from home, in the office, fly in – fly out. You can choose products from around the world and the way in which you buy them – face to face shopping, on the internet, mail order, phone order, local and international.

Temptation stirs your deepest desires at every turn.

But with every choice you make, you sacrifice one value and endorse another.

After you have taken your fill from the trough of excess the ultimate freedom that arises is freedom from your fears, anxieties, doubts and worries.

This is the freedom attained through mastery of the self. For the ultimate battle is the battle between the self and the self.

“At the end of all our journeying,
we shall return to the place from which we started out
and know it for the first time.”
T.S. Elliot (on the paradox of enlightenment)

Can you master your inner demons and ascend to a higher state of being free of anxiety?

Can you release your fear of scarcity and embrace abundance?

Can you let go of your judgements and embrace unity, diversity and oneness?

Can you let go of your greed and embrace love?

Can you find the courage to confront your fear?

On the journey to Self Mastery your harshest judge is YOU. The one who tells you that whatever you do is ‘Not good enough’ and that whoever you are being is ‘Not deserving’.

So where does your journey to Self Mastery begin?


By embracing your freedom to choose to love yourself unconditionally.

Every day for a week just choose every morning to love yourself unconditionally no matter what you do that is ‘Not good enough’ no matter how much you might feel you are ‘Not deserving’.

You are FREE so just take a deep breath and CHOOSE.

And see how much difference loving yourself makes to how you treat others. For how we treat others is simply a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

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